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v · d · e Rus'–Byzantine Wars Paphlagonia (830s) – Constantinople (860) – Constantinople (907) – Bosporus & Bithynia (941) – Thrace & Bulgaria (970–971) – Crimea (988) – Lemnos (1024) – Constantinople (1043) The penultimate Russo-Byzantine War, as documented by medieval Greek sources, took place in 1024, when a relative of the Kievan prince with 800 men and 20 ships penetrated into the Bosporus and, defeating a unit of the Greek coast guard, sailed into the Aegean Sea. The Kievans reached the island of Lemnos, where they were annihilated by a much stronger Byzantine fleet. The conflict is not documented in Kievan sources and its motivation is obscure. References (Russian) Kazimir Bazilevich. From the History of the Naval Expeditions of the Slavs in the 7th-12th Centuries This Byzantine Empire-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e