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ThinkLight is a keyboard light produced by Lenovo, and is present in most ThinkPad families of notebooks. A white or yellow LED (depending on model) is located on the top edge of the display, illuminating the keyboard to allow use in low-light conditions. It is activated with the key combination Fn-PgUp (the bottom left and top right keys of the keyboard). The on-screen display of ThinkPad computers will display a light on and a light off indicator. The ThinkLight can be activated when the monitor is on or off but not while the PC is off. Some ThinkPads, like the Z and R series (though not all - some R61 and R32 models still have the white light) feature an amber (yellow) LED due to the lower cost, while other models, like the T series, use a white LED (which is generally preferred)[1]. The SL series omits the ThinkLight. Contents 1 Imitations 2 Alternatives 3 See also 4 References 5 External links // Imitations The HP EliteBook series notebooks contain a similar keyboard light called HP Night Light. Unlike the ThinkLight, it's activated by a physical button next to the Night Light, rather than a keyboard shortcut. The recent Dell Latitude ATG series laptops have also contained a pair of red LEDs which are controlled in a very similar way to the IBM ThinkLight and also serve to illuminate the keyboard. Alternatives Some computer manufacturers have opted for keyboards back-lit by fiber-optics. Notebooks with this feature include the Dell Studio series and the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air[citation needed]. See also Selective yellow References ^ "Typing in the Dark". Retrieved 2007-08-08.  External links IBM UK ThinkPad Designs This mobile computing related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e