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Slugburger with onion rings A slugburger is a traditional southern delicacy found in northeast Mississippi, particularly Corinth and Iuka. Consisting of a patty made from a mixture of meat or pork and an inexpensive extender such as soybeans, it is deep fried in canola oil. It is typically served on a bun with mustard, pickles, an onion ring, and a side of French fries. Contents 1 History 2 Festival 3 External links 4 References // History This unusual combination first appeared in the Corinth area sometime after World War I[1]. Until recent times, this southern delicacy was sold for a slug which is slang for a nickel.[citation needed] A popular local Arab ethnic variation using kibbeh in place of ground beef was created by Ray Rafidi in his home kitchen.[citation needed] In Tupelo, MS, slugburgers are known as doughburgers and often contain flour and egg rather than soy grits. Elvis liked to eat his Doughburgers at the local local drive-in, Johnny's, when he was a boy in Tupelo, MS.[citation needed] Festival Each July the citizens of Corinth as well as those who travel from miles around descend on the town to pay tribute to this local culinary specialty at the annual Slugburger Festival. This three day event offers rides, live entertainment, and, of course, plenty of slugburgers. External links What's Cooking America? Slugburger Festival Homepage References ^ The Gourmand's Guide to Dining in and around Corinth (1992). v • d • e Burgers Types Angus burger • Buffalo burger • Cheeseburger • Hamburger • Jucy Lucy • Luther Burger • Hamdog  • Naan burger • Patty melt • Salisbury steak • Sliders • Slopper • Slugburger • Veggie burger Brand name Baconator • Bacon Deluxe • Big Classic • Big Mac • Quarter Pounder • Whopper See also: Patty This Mississippi-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e