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Doje Cezhug is the current mayor of Lhasa.[1] He is an outspoken critic of the Dalai Lama for his alleged role in instigating the 2008 Lhasa violence and pursues a growth-based economic policy in Lhasa anchored in tourism. 2008 violence Cezhug rose to prominence as a critic of the 2008 Lhasa violence, and its alleged instigators, the advisors of the Dalai Lama. He published an article in China Daily on April 1 of that year, titled "Do you call this peaceful?" In it, he rejects characterizations of the riots as "peaceful demonstrations", and mocks the "hypocrisy" of the Dalai Lama claiming to represent peace and nonviolence. 18 civilians have died and 250 million yuan were lost in the violence.[2] Soon after, though, Cezhug was safely able to attend the national PCC conference, where he announced that Lhasa was calm and that he did not have to impose martial law.[3] The mayor accepted some criticism of his policies, saying "The March 14 riot exposed some problems and they have now all been solved". In the two years since the riot, the "floating population" has been more strictly controlled, and living standards have increased, say the mayor.[4] Economic policy Cezhug has said that "sabotage from the Dalai Lama group remains the biggest obstacle in the way of Tibet's development". He believes that Lhasa's economy is driven by tourism, and riots instigated by the group can deter tourists. Cezhug aims to revitalize the city with more aggressive tax cuts and reinforcement of public security.[5] The mayor defends his campaign of modernization, saying "Nowadays, Tibetan people have been living a modern life while enjoying the development of traditional Tibetan culture."[6] References ^ Staff (16 March 2008). "Doje Cezhug Pictures - NPC Fifth Plenary Session". Zimbio. Retrieved 2010-02-03.  ^ "Special report: Dalai clique's separatist activities condemned". Xinhua. 2008-04-01. Retrieved 2010-07-12.  ^ "Lhasa returns to normality". The Hindu. 2008-03-17. Archived from [ the original] on 2008-03-20. Retrieved 2010-07-12.  ^ Jia, Cui (2010-03-11). "'Tibet's development on course'". China Daily. Retrieved 2010-07-12.  ^ "Dalai Lama group's sabotage biggest obstacle to Tibet's development". Xinhua (People's Daily). 2009-03-06. Retrieved 2010-07-12.  ^ Gomez, Edward M. (2008-03-18). "Tibet today: "Cultural genocide" or prosperous "modern life"?". San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved 2010-07-12.  v · d · ePrefecture of Lhasa County-level divisions Lhünzhub · Damxung · Nyêmo · Qüxü · Doilungdêqên · Dagzê · Maizhokunggar · Chengguan District Towns and villages Caina  · Damxung  · Damquka  · Donggar · Gongtang · Gyaidar  · Horru  · Kunggar · Lungring · Namco · Nyêmo · Nyêtang · Leten · Lhünzhub · Maizhokunggar · Nyingzhung · Qiannang · Wumatang · Yangbajain · Zaxoi Monasteries and palaces Architecture of Lhasa · Lingkhor · Potala Palace · Norbulingka · Jokhang Temple · Tsomon Ling · Ganden Monastery ·  · Kundeling Monastery  · Nechung · Nyethang Drolma Lhakhang Temple · Yangpachen Monastery ·  · Drepung Monastery · Ramoche Temple · Reting Monastery · Sanga Monastery  · Yerpa Sera Monastery: · Chupzang Nunnery  · Drakri Hermitage  · Garu Nunnery · Jokpo Hermitage  · Keutsang Hermitage  · Keutsang East Hermitage · Keutsang West Hermitage  · Khardo Hermitage  · Negodong Nunnery · Nenang Nunnery  · Pabongkha Hermitage · Panglung Hermitage  · Purbuchok Hermitage · Rakhadrak Hermitage  · Sera Chöding Hermitage  · Sera Gönpasar Hermitage  · Sera Utsé Hermitage  · Takten Hermitage · Trashi Chöling Hermitage Other landmarks Banak Shöl Hotel · Barkhor · Chokpori · Drapchi Prison  · Lhasa Brewery · Lhasa Hotel · Lhasa Zhol Pillar · Tibet Museum  · Tibet University · Tromzikhang  · Nyang bran Transport Lhasa Airport  · Damxung Railway Station  · Lhasa Railway Station · Lhasa West Railway Station · Wumatang railway station  · Yangbajain Railway Station  · G109 · G318  · North Linkor Road Government Doje Cezhug · Jigme Namgyal This China-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e This Tibet-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e