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Amtrak Cities Sprinter Artist's rendering of the ACS-64. Power type Electric Builder Siemens Build date 2013– Total production 70 UIC classification Bo'Bo' Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) Electric system(s) 12,000 V AC, 25 Hz 12,500 V AC, 60 Hz 25,000 V AC, 60 Hz[1] Overhead lines Traction motors Four Top speed Service:200 km/h (125 mph)[2] Design:217 km/h (135 mph)[2] Power output 6,400 kW (8,600 hp) Locomotive brakes Regenerative braking Train brakes Pneumatic Safety systems FRA standards The Amtrak Cities Sprinter, or ACS-64, is an electric locomotive designed by Siemens Mobility for Amtrak. Contents 1 Order 2 Design 3 References 4 External links // Order In October 2010, Amtrak ordered 70 locomotives, to be delivered from February 2013 onwards; the locomotives will be manufactured in Sacramento, California[3][4] with secondary work occurring at Siemens facilities in Norwood, Ohio and Alpharetta, Georgia.[5] The initial order for 70 locomotives is worth $466 million.[6] The locomotives are planned to operate on the Northeast Corridor and the Keystone Corridor and replace the railroad's fleet of AEM-7 and HHP-8 locomotives.[4] Initially, the 20 AEM-7DC units with direct current propulsion would be replaced, followed by the 29 AEM-7ACs and lastly by the 15 HHP-8s.[4] The extra units in the ACS-64 order would serve to increase service.[4] The order came as part of Amtrak's company-wide fleet-replacement program, and was the second part of the plan, after an order for 130 Viewliner II passenger cars was placed in July 2010.[7] Design The design is based on the EuroSprinter and the Vectron platforms[6], but with significant structural changes including crumple zones; hence they are heavier too.[1] They will be able to operate off of 25 kV, 12.5 kV, and 12 kV power supplies, and have a total power of 6.4 megawatts (8,600 hp).[6] The locomotives are designed to be capable of maximum speeds as high as 125 mph (201 km/h) on the Northeast Corridor and 110 mph (180 km/h) on the Keystone Corridor.[7] They have advanced safety systems, including specialized couplers designed to keep trains from rolling over, jacknifing, and derailing during a collision.[7] Additionally, the new locomotives will be more energy-efficient than those that they replace, and will include regenerative braking.[7] References ^ a b "Amtrak orders Siemens 200 km/h Cities Sprinter locomotives". Railway Gazette International. 29 October 2010. Retrieved 2010-10-30.  ^ a b Joan Lowy. "Amtrak to spend $466 million to buy 70 locomotives from German manufacturer Siemens". Canadian Press.  ^ "Amtrak orders 70 electric locomotives from Siemens". International Railway Journal. 29 October 2010. Retrieved 2010-10-30.  ^ a b c d "Amtrak contracts Siemens to supply 70 electric locomotives". Progressive Railroading. 29 October 2010. Retrieved 29 October 2010.  ^ "Amtrak to spend $466 million to buy 70 locomotives for Northeast, Keystone corridors". Chicago Tribune. 28 October 2010.,0,4376043.story. Retrieved 30 October 2010.  ^ a b c "Siemens breaks into the U.S. long-distance passenger rail market". 29 October 2010. Retrieved 2010-10-30.  ^ a b c d "Amtrak orders 70 new electric locomotives from Siemens". Trains Magazine. 29 October 2010. Retrieved 30 October 2010.  External links Siemens (29 October 2010). "Siemens breaks into the U.S. long-distance passenger rail market". Press release.  Amtrak press release announcing the order v · d · eAmtrak rolling stock Railcars Amfleet · Auto Train / Autorack · Baggage cars · Dome car · Heritage Fleet · Slumbercoach · California · Horizon · Talgo · Pacific Surfliner · Superliner · Acela Express · Viewliner · Maintenance vehicles Diesel locomotives GE 32BWH Dash 8 · F59PHI · P40DC Genesis · P42DC Genesis Dual-mode locomotive P32AC-DM Genesis Electric locomotives HHP-8 · AEM-7 · ACS-64 Switchers GP15D · GG20B · GP38 · GP38H-3 · MP14B / MP21B · MP15 · SW1 · SW1001 · SW1200 · SW1500 · SW1000R · SW8 Former locomotives Diesel: E8 · E9 · F3B · F7 · FP7 · F40PH · F69PHAC · GP40TC · LRC  · P30CH · SDP40F Dual Mode: FL9 Electric: GG1 · Metroliner · E60 Gas Turbine: Turboliner · TurboTrain