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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) This article is outdated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Please see the talk page for more information. (December 2009) MDO Origin Puerto Rico Genres Pop rock Years active 1997 - Present Labels Machete Music (2008 - present) Olé Music (2005) Sony Music (1997 - 2003) Associated acts Menudo Website Official Website Members Daniel Rodríguez (2005 - present) Elliot Suro (2005 - present) Luis Montes (2005 - present) Lorenzo Duarte (2005 - present) Past members Abel Talamantez (1997 - 2002) Alexis Grullón (1997 - 2001) Anthony Galindo (1997 - 2000, 2001 - 2002) Didier Hernandez (1997 - 2002) Daniel René (1997 - 1998) Pablo Portillo (2000 - 2002) Troy Tuminelli (2000 - 2001) Caleb Avilés (2001) MDO is a Latin American pop/rock band, spun off in 1997 from the Puerto Rican boy band once known as Menudo. Contents 1 Band history 2 Band members 2.1 Current members 2.2 Former members 3 After MDO 4 Discography 5 See also 6 Notes 7 External links // Band history In the mid-1990s, Edgardo Diaz, Menudo's creator and director, sold the rights for the trademarked name Menudo to a Panamanian company. After the release and promotion of Menudo's album Tiempo De Amar in 1996, the remaining line-up formed MDO under the direction and production of Diaz at first. The members at the time were Abel Talamantez, Alexis Grullón, Anthony Galindo, Didier Hernandez and Daniel Rene. Together they recorded the album MDO in 1997. In 1999, they followed it with Un Poco Más. The album featured two English songs, "Groove With Me Tonite" and "Fantasy", in an attempt to cross-over to the US market. The same happened with 2000's Subir Al Cielo which featured two more English singles. That same year, MDO released their first English album titled Little Piece of Heaven, which was distributed internationally. However, problems with member Alexis Grullón and the departure of one of the newer members, Caleb Avilés, forced the group into hiatus. The remaining members decided to follow other musical ventures and organized a final concert to be held at the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The concert was recorded and released as a DVD in 2002. On January 2005, it was announced that MDO would return with new members. Three of the new members (Daniel Rodríguez, Elliot Suro, and Luis Montes) were contestants from the first season of Puerto Rican reality/talent show Objetivo Fama with a fourth member, Lorenzo Duarte, to complete the line-up. Their first album was titled Otra Vez and the title single proved to be a successful hit. The group toured through Latin America and were nominated fot several awards. In 2008, the band returned with a new, more mature look, with the members playing instruments as opposed to Menudo's style of singing and dancing. Their new album, titled Sabe A Tí will be released in February 2008.[1] Band members Current members (This line-up has been intact from 2005 to August 2008) Daniel Rodríguez Elliot Suro Luis Montes Lorenzo Duarte Former members Abel Talamantez (1997–2002) Alexis Grullón (1997–2001) Edgar Antonio "Anthony" Galindo (1997–2000, 2001–2002) Didier Hernandez (1997–2002) Daniel René (1997–1998) Pablo Portillo (2000–2002) Troy Tuminelli (2000–2001) Caleb Avilés (2001) After MDO Some of MDO's former members have continued with their musical careers: Abel Talamantez is currently a member of Los Kumbia Kings/Super Reyes. Pablo Portillo started a solo career. Anthony Galindo reunited with former Menudo members to form Menudo: La Reunion and toured Latin America with them. In 2006, he joined ex-Menudo Ruben Gomez and formed the duo Blacksheep. In late 2007 he joined Los Super Reyes but left in early 2009. Lorenzo Duarte started a solo career with "Evolucion" will be released in 2009. Discography Release Date Album Title Label Line-Up July 1, 1997 MDO Sony International Abel Talamantez Alexis Grullón Anthony Galindo Didier Hernández Daniel René February 23, 1999 Un Poco Más Sony International Abel Talamantez Alexis Grullón Anthony Galindo Didier Hernández October 31, 2000 Subir Al Cielo Sony International Abel Talamantez Alexis Grullón Didier Hernández Pablo Portillo Troy Tuminelli 2001 Little Piece of Heaven Sony International Abel Talamantez Alexis Grullón Caleb Avilés Didier Hernández Pablo Portillo September 17, 2002 Greatest Hits Sony International Abel Talamantez Anthony Galindo Didier Hernández Pablo Portillo June 24, 2003 Acústico Sony International January 25, 2005 Otra Vez Ole Music Daniel Rodríguez Elliot Suro Lorenzo Duarte Luis Montes February 12, 2008 Sabe A Tí Machete Music Daniel Rodríguez Elliot Suro Lorenzo Duarte Luis Montes See also Menudo Notes ^ MDO regresa a la batalla | terra External links Official Site