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This article contains Korean text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Hangul or hanja. Hoosamguk Gokyo Cover of volume 1 후삼국 고교 (Husamguk Kokyo) Genre Romance, school Author Hwang Mi-ri Illustrator Hwang Mi-ri Volumes 10 Hoosamguk Gokyo (후삼국 고교, literally means "Later Three Kingdoms" Highschool) is a manhwa created and illustrated by Korean artist Hwang Mi-ri. Plot The young granddaughter of the Han Kang sociation, Alice, returns to Korea to search for a husband, who can help her lead the sociation. With her bodyguards, Han Sae and his sister Han Yesul, Alice finds three suitors and they fight for the coveted position more than for Alice herself. But they don't know what Alice's true movtive is... Characters Alice (아리수, A Ri Su) The heroine of the series. She is the Han Kang heiress who comes to Korea to find a suitor for her husband. Her true motive is not following her grandfather's, the sociation leader's, arrangement to marry her a husband and let him inherit the sociation, but to prove that she herself can manage the sociation without help from the husband. Han Sae (한 새) The elder brother in Alice's two bodyguards. He and Alice have been friends from their childhood and they develop feelings, but Alice denies seeing him as her suitor, because she is afraid of losing him forever. Han Yesul (한 예율) The younger sister in Alice's two bodyguards. She doesn't look alike her brother. She acts as Alice's role, the Han Kang heiress, as Alice arranged. Kung Ye (궁 예) Historical basis: Kung Ye The vicious captain of Kokuryŏ High. He is the illegitimate son of the Kim family, and half-brother of Chinsŏng and Kyŏngae. He is a violent man using fists to execute all matters. He was Yang Gil's subordinate, then joined Gi Hwon, No.2 of the school and later overthrown them two to become the Number One. One of Alice's suitors. His lost eye and family profile is based on the historical Kung Ye. Wang Kŏn (왕 건) Historical basis: Wang Kŏn The son of Wang Ryung (왕 륭), the money-making genius. His father arrange him to attends Kokuryŏ High to serve Kung Ye. Later, he is disappointed by Kung Ye's violent action and decides to overthrow him. With Kokuryŏ renamed to Koryŏ, he is the first captain of Koryŏ High. Kim Chinsŏng (김 진성) Historical basis: Chinsŏng of Shilla Nicknamed Queen Jinseong of Silla, she is a reckoning and boy-lover woman. The president of Student Council of Shilla High. Kim Kyŏngae (김 경애) Historical basis: Kyŏngae of Shilla Younger brother of Chinsŏng, he is a flirtous yet weak-willed man. One of Alice's suitors. Kyŏn Hwŏn (견 훤) Historical basis: Kyŏn Hwŏn The artistic captain of Baekje High. He later is added to Alice's suitors list.