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This article may need to be wikified to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please help by adding relevant internal links, or by improving the article's layout. (August 2010) Green Globe Film Awards is The 2010 Green Globe Film Awards are a celebration of film throughout the world with proceeds going toward humanitarian efforts around the globe. Featuring many performances by Hollywood's and Asia's leading entertainers and is one of Hollywood's largest film award programs with 100 Viewers' Choice Awards which are selected by film lovers, critics and movie viewers from around the world. The Awards are held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in the California Ballroom in Los Angeles and attended by many of Hollywood's top directors, actors, and musicians. The Bonaventure was selected for its immense size and capacity to host the largest dinner gala of any hotel in the state, as well as its history of being one of the most sought after movie locations for filmmakers endeavoring to present Los Angeles in a modern and elegant setting. Film awards are presented to major motion picture filmmakers and actors, as well as top environmental, humanitarian, independent short films, animated and international films. The Green Globe Film Awards Committee works in cooperation with major film awards programs internationally to implement the awards' annual international theme, with the 2010 international film category theme being 'Asian Films'. Hollywood's largest celebration of people, planet and motion pictures also honors the power film has to inspire environmental awareness. The organizing committee of the Green Globe Film Awards commit a portion of the proceeds from the dinner gala towards planting over 500,000 trees near the equator, purifying over 1,000,000 liters of water in places of need, establishing 10 schools in countries of crisis and providing 100 scholarships for sustainable management education. This is accomplished through cooperation with UNICEF and a number of sustainability-related organizations. Contents 1 Featured Performers & Special Appearances 2 Award Categories 3 Content 4 References 5 External links // Featured Performers & Special Appearances * 2010-Carol Burnett * 2010-Tamlyn Tomita * 2010-Larissa Lam * 2010-Only Won Award Categories Special Category: Awards of the Decade (2000–2009) To commemorate 2010 special Awards of the Decade are conferred in various categories including Best Picture of the Decade, Best Director of the Decade, and many others. 2010 International Film Category Theme: Asian Films "Asian Films", Asian films of all genres will be honored. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARDS * Environmental Film of the Decade * Best International Environmental Film HUMANITARIAN AWARDS * Humanitarian Film of the Decade MAJOR MOTION PICTURE AWARDS * Best Picture * Best Comedy * Best Action Film * Best Science Fiction Film * Best Foreign Language Film * Best Foreign Culture Film of the Decade * Best Director * Best Actor * Best Actress * Best Supporting Actor * Best Supporting Actress * Best Male Entertainer appearing in a Movie (Decade: 2000-2009) * Best Female Entertainer appearing in a Movie (Decade: 2000-2009) * Best Music/Song in a Film * 10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood * Best 10 Pictures of the Decade * Best 10 Actors of the Decade * Best 10 Actresses of the Decade * Best 10 Filmmakers of the Decade ANIMATION AWARDS * Best Animated Feature Film INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDS THEME: ASIA * Best International Director (Asia) * Best International Film (Asia) * Best International Drama (Asia) * Best International Comedy (Asia) * Best International Action Film (Asia) * Best International Thriller (Asia) * Best International Actor (Asia) * Best International Actress (Asia) * Best International Entertainer (Asia) * Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year * Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Decade * Best International Film of the Decade (Asia) * Best 10 International Actors of the Decade (Asia) * Best 10 International Actresses of the Decade (Asia) COMMITTEE'S CHOICE AWARDS The following awards are decided by Committee: * 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2010 * International Animator of the Decade * Goodwill Ambassador of the Decade * Peace Ambassador of the Decade * Peace Pioneer Award * Environmental Film Pioneer * Environmental Ambassador of the Decade * Environmental Entertainer of the Decade * Environmental Film Educator of the Decade * Humanitarian Ambassador of the Decade * Partners for Humanity * Special Recognition Award * Entertainment Legacy Award * Lifetime Achievement Award Content Tonic Article: Green Globe Film Awards: A Worldwide Environmental Crusade [1] IMDb Article: Martin Scorsese Receives 5 Green Globe Film Awards Nominations[2] References ^, February 17, 2010 ^, 8 February 2010 External links