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Sharon den Adel Sharon den Adel at Black Symphony in Rotterdam Background information Birth name Sharon Janny den Adel Also known as Sharon den Adel Born 12 July 1974 (1974-07-12) (age 36) Origin Waddinxveen, South Holland, Netherlands Genres Symphonic metal, symphonic rock Occupations Singer-songwriter, fashion designer Instruments Vocals Years active 1996–present Labels Roadrunner, DSFA, Gun Associated acts Within Temptation Website Within Temptation Official Sharon Janny den Adel (born 12 July 1974, in Waddinxveen, South Holland, Netherlands) is a Dutch singer and composer, best known as the lead vocalist and one of the main songwriters in the Dutch symphonic metal/rock band Within Temptation. She has performed with various bands since she was 13, including a blues rock band called Kashiro,[1] and joined Robert Westerholt in Within Temptation in 1996.[2] Contents 1 Within Temptation 2 Other bands 3 Personal life 4 Discography 4.1 Within Temptation 4.1.1 Studio albums 4.1.2 Singles and EPs 4.1.3 DVD 4.1.4 Live albums 4.2 Guest appearances 5 Notes 6 External links 6.1 Interviews // Within Temptation Together with her boyfriend, Robert Westerholt, den Adel is one of the founding members of Within Temptation. She has defined their work as epic and cinematic.[3] Her vocals play a major role in the band's sound, despite having never received formal vocal training.[4] Sharon has sings in the mezzo-soprano range but her vocal quality is light and lyric despite her range.[5] Before Within Temptation became famous, Sharon worked for a fashion company. As the band became more successful with their hit single Ice Queen, Sharon left the fashion industry to focus on music. She utilises her fashion expertise by designing her stage costumes and the band's merchandise.[6] Other bands Sharon den Adel has performed on-stage and in the studio with several notable bands, including Armin van Buuren, After Forever, De Heideroosjes, and Delain. She sang the part of Anna Held in Tobias Sammet's Avantasia projects, and the part of the Indian on Ayreon's rock opera Into the Electric Castle. She sang the vocals of one Timo Tolkki song, "Are You The One?", co-wrote and provided the vocals for the track "In And Out Of Love" from Armin van Buuren's 2008 album Imagine, and sang on the track "No Compliance" for Delain's album Lucidity, as well as working with the band Voyage on the track "Frozen" (not to be confused with the Within Temptation song of the same title). Personal life Sharon den Adel and long-term partner Robert Westerholt have a daughter, Eva Luna, who was born on 7 December 2005. She was pregnant with Luna during the band's The Silent Force tour. They currently live near Hilversum, in the Netherlands and they have two cats, Haplo and Lola. On 22 February 2009, Sharon announced that she was pregnant with her second child.[7] The band's website subsequently announced that, on 1 June 2009, Robin Aiden Westerholt was born. Going by the name of Aiden, he was born premature at 32 weeks and 6 days.[8] Discography Within Temptation Studio albums Enter (1997) Mother Earth (2000) The Silent Force (2004) The Heart of Everything (2007) TBA (2011) Singles and EPs Restless (1997) The Dance (EP) (1998) Our Farewell (2001) Ice Queen (2001) Mother Earth (2002) Never Ending Story (Promo only) (2003) Running Up That Hill (EP) (2003) Stand My Ground (2004) Memories (2005) Angels (2005) Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) (Promo only) (2005) What Have You Done (2007) Frozen (2007) The Howling (compilation/EP) (2007) All I Need (2007) Forgiven (2008) Utopia (2009) DVD Mother Earth Tour (2002) The Silent Force Tour (2005) Black Symphony (2008) Live albums Black Symphony (2008) An Acoustic Night at the Theatre (2009) Guest appearances Pinkpop 2005 (De Heideroosjes, 2005) "Candy (Iggy Pop Cover)" Embrace (Voyage, 1996) "Frozen" Bash (Silicon Head, 1997) "Hear" Into the Electric Castle (Ayreon, 1998) "Isis & Osiris", "Amazing Flight", "The Decision Tree", "Tunnel of Light", "The Garden of Emotions", "Cosmic Fusion", "Another Time, Another Space" Schizo (De Heideroosjes, 1999) "Regular Day in Bosnia" Prison of Desire (After Forever, 2000) "Beyond Me" The Metal Opera (Avantasia, 2000) "Farewell" Inside (Orphanage, 2000) "Behold" Architecture of the Imagination (Paralysis, 2000) "Fly", "Architecture of the Imagination" Fast Forward (De Heideroosjes, 2001) "Last Call to Humanity" Fooly Dressed (Aemen, 2002) "Time", "Waltz" The Metal Opera Part II (Avantasia, 2002) "Into the Unknown" Hymn to Life (Timo Tolkki, 2002) "Are You the One?" Lucidity (Delain, 2006) "No Compliance" "Crucify" (De Laatste Show-band, Tori Amos cover live) Imagine (Armin van Buuren, 2008) "In and Out of Love" The Metal Opera: Pt 1 & 2 - Gold Edition (Avantasia, 2008) "Farewell", "Into the Unknown" Pure Air (Agua de Annique, 2009) "Somewhere" (Duet) Night of the Proms 2009 (John Miles, Katona Twins, Sharon den Adel) "Stairway to Heaven" Truth Or Dare (Oomph!, 2010) "Land Ahead" Notes ^ ^ ^ FYE: Within Temptation III ^ Roadrunner Records UK ^ [1] ^ Sharon den Adel Interview - Within Temptation Interview ^ A new kid on the block ^ Alive and Kicking! External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Sharon den Adel Within Temptation official website (English, Dutch and German) Discogs Profile Interviews Interview with Interview with About Heavy Metal Ask The Artist Interview with Sharon den Adel New title Vocalist for Within Temptation since 1996 Incumbent v • d • e Within Temptation Ruud Jolie · Jeroen van Veen · Sharon den Adel · Martijn Spierenburg · Robert Westerholt Ivar de Graaf · Martijn Westerholt · Michiel Papenhove · Jelle Bakker · Ciro Palma · Dennis Leeflang · Richard Willemse · Stephen van Haestregt Studio albums Enter · Mother Earth · The Silent Force · The Heart of Everything Live albums Mother Earth Tour · The Silent Force Tour · Black Symphony · An Acoustic Night at the Theatre EPs The Dance · The Howling Singles "Restless" · "Our Farewell" · "Ice Queen" · "Mother Earth" · "Running Up That Hill" · "Stand My Ground" · "Memories" · "Angels" · "What Have You Done" · "Frozen" · "All I Need" · "Forgiven" · "Utopia" Other songs "Enter" · "Never Ending Story" · "Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)" · "Hand of Sorrow" Related pages Discography v • d • e Ayreon guest musicians Arjen Anthony Lucassen Vocalists Andi Deris  • Anneke van Giersbergen  • Barry Hay  • Bob Catley  • Bruce Dickinson  • Damian Wilson  • Daniel Gildenlöw  • Debby Schreuder  • Devin Townsend  • Devon Graves  • Edward Reekers  • Edwin Balogh  • Eric Clayton  • Esther Ladiges  • Fabio Lione  • Fish  • Floor Jansen  • Gary Hughes  • George Oosthoek  • Hansi Kürsch  • Heather Findlay  • Ian Parry  • Irene Jansen  • Jacqueline Govaert  • James LaBrie  • Jan-Chris de Koeijer  • Jasper Steverlinck  • Jay van Feggelen  • Johan Edlund  • John JayCee Cuijpers  • Jørn Lande  • Jonas Renkse  • Lana Lane  • Leon Goewie  • Liselotte Hegt  • Lucie Hillen  • Magali Luyten  • Magnus Ekwall  • Marcela Bovio  • Marjan Welman  • Mikael Åkerfeldt  • Mike Baker  • Mirjam van Doorn  • Mouse  • Neal Morse  • Okkie Huysdens  • Peter Daltrey  • Phideaux Xavier  • Ralf Scheepers  • Robby Valentine  • Robert Soeterboek  • Robert Westerholt  • Rodney Blaze  • Russell Allen  • Ruud Houweling  • Sharon den Adel  • Simone Simons  • Steve Lee  • Timo Kotipelto  • Tobias Sammet  • Tom S. Englund  • Ty Tabor  • Wudstik Keyboardists, pianists, harpsichordists Cleem Determeijer  • Clive Nolan  • Gary Wehrkamp  • Derek Sherinian  • Jens Johansson  • Joost van den Broek  • Keiko Kumagai  • Ken Hensley  • Martin Orford  • Oliver Wakeman  • René Merkelbach  • Robby Valentine  • Roland Bakker  • Tomas Bodin  • Ton Scherpenzeel Guitarists Gary Wehrkamp • Jan Somers  • Lori Linstruth  • Michael Romeo  • Oscar Holleman  • Peer Verschuren  • Rheno Xeros  • Ruud Houweling Drummers Ed Warby  • Ernst van Ee  • Gerard Haitsma  • John Snels  • Matt Oligschlager  • Rob Snijders  • Stephen van Haestregt Bassists Armand van der Hoff  • Jan Bijlsma  • Jolanda Verduijn  • Peter Vink  • Rheno Xeros  • Walter Latupeirissa Flautists Barry Hay  • Ewa Albering  • Jeroen Goossens  • John McManus  • Thijs van Leer Cellists Dewi Kerstens  • Marieke van der Heyden  • Taco Kooistra Violinists Ernö Olah  • Pat McManus  • Robert Baba Didgeridooist Jeroen Goossens Sitarist Jack Pisters Persondata Name den Adel, Sharon Janny Alternative names Sharon den Adel Short description Dutch rock singer Date of birth July 12, 1972 Place of birth Waddinxveen, South Holland Date of death Place of death