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Club Moderne, Anaconda, MT, built 1937 Fred Fielding Willson (November 11, 1877-1956), most commonly known as Fred F. Willson, was an architect in Montana who designed many buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1] He was born in Bozeman, Montana on November 11, 1877, the son of American Civil War general Lester S. Willson and Emma Weeks Willson.[2] He studied at Montana State College, for which he later designed buildings, at Columbia University, and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.[2] His Gothic style Belgrade City Hall and Jail was built in 1912. Works (credits) include: Barrett Hospital, Chapman and S. Atlantic Sts., Dillon, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] Jack Bartlett House, 8 W. Harrison, Bozeman, MT (Willson, Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Belgrade City Hall and Jail, Broadway at Northern Pacific Blvd., Belgrade, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed, built 1912[1] Blackmore Apartments, 120 S. Black St., Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] Bozeman Armory, 24 W. Mendenhall, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Bozeman Sheet Metal Works, 26 S. Grand, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Bozeman YMCA, 6 W. Babcock, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Club Moderne, 811 E. Park Anaconda, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed, built 1937[1] Dokken-Nelson Funeral Home, 113 S. Willson, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Eagle's Store, 3 Canyon St., West Yellowstone, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] Emerson School, 111 S. Grand Ave., Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] First Baptist Church, 120 S. Grand, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] Gallatin County Courthouse, 301 W. Main, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Gallatin County High School, 404 W. Main, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Gallatin County Jail, 317 W. Main St., Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Graf Building, 219--221 W. Arthur, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Hamill Apartments, 427 E. Main, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Hotel Baxter, 105 W. Main St., Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Main Street Historic District, 100 blk. W. Main-300 blk. E. Main, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] Northern Pacific--Story Mill Historic District, Roughly bounded by the Northern Pacific RR right-of-way and the Story Mill spur line from Wye to Bridger Canyon Rd., Bozeman, MT (Willson, Fred) NRHP-listed[1] South Tracy-South Black Historic District, 200-600 blks. of S. Tracy & S. Black Aves., Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] South Willson Historic District, Willson Ave. between Curtiss and Arthur Sts., Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred) NRHP-listed[1] Story Motor Company, 202 W. Main, Bozeman, MT (Willson,Fred F.) NRHP-listed[1] References ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x "National Register Information System". National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. 2009-03-13.  ^ a b Jodi Hausen (April 17, 2011). "Fred Willson: A modest man who left a big mark". Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  This article about an architect is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e