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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2009) The introduction to this article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject. Please help improve the article with a good introductory style. (September 2010) Soccer Mom Directed by Gregory McClatchy Produced by Jonathan Bogner Written by Frederick Ayeroff Starring Missi Pyle Emily Osment Release date(s) September 30, 2008 Country United States Language English Soccer Mom (also known as Wendy the Soccer Mom) is a 2008 direct-to-video film. Storyline This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please improve this section if you can. The talk page may contain suggestions. (November 2009) The film begins with Wendy, a soccer mom getting up late. She quickly wakes up her three children. Becca, the oldest, asks if Wendy has washed her soccer jersey. Wendy quickly runs downstairs and puts soap all over the jersey to "wash it." At the game, Becca's coach says the team will be playing Malibu, an unbeatable team. Then, the coach says they will lose and should have forfeited. The game begins and Malibu win 6-0. Wendy forgets to pick Becca up until later. That night, Wendy and Becca look at photos of their husband/ father. It is mentioned he is dead now and was a great soccer player. He was the coach for Becca's team. The next day at soccer practice, the coach says he met the Italian soccer star Lorenzo Vincenzo while he was on vacation in Europe. Since he is out for a season because of his injured knee, he has agreed to come and coach the team. All the girls freak out and run to make plans for his welcoming party. Wendy goes to meet him at the airport. At the airport, Lorenzo states he only told Becca's coach he would coach the team so he would go away. Then, he hands Wendy a signed picture of himself and makes her a proposal. Wendy punches him, and he runs off. Later, Becca calls and asks where Lorenzo is. Wendy says his flight was delayed. Then, Wendy pictures herself as Lorenzo and goes to the hairsylists'. There, she is transformed to look like Lorenzo. Wendy returns to the party as Lorenzo and is welcomed by the girls. The next day, soccer practice begins. Another hairstylist, Tony, helps Wendy or "Lorenzo" coach the team. They win the next game. After the game, Becca reminds her mom to come to the mother-daughter dinner at school that night. Wendy as "Lorenzo" then takes out a pink phone and calls Dee Dee, her friend. Two men walk by and say "Nice cell." Then, "Lorenzo" notices Dee Dee is near her. Wendy hangs up before Dee Dee sees her. Dee Dee is in love with the real Lorenzo. "Lorenzo" sits down on a bench quickly. Dee Dee sits beside him. She flirts with "Lorenzo," occasionally running her hand up "his" leg. Then, Dee Dee kisses "Lorenzo", since her eyebrow fell off, "Lorenzo" kisses back while putting it back on. Some men, including Dee Dee's husband, drive up in a car and tell Dee Dee they're going on a boys' night out and take "Lorenzo" with them. Upon arrival at the bar, the men start talking of their preferences for women and question "Lorenzo" of his. Uncomfortable with this, Wendy tries to leave and matters become complicated as the real Lorenzo arrives. Later on, Becca and Tiffany begin bickering at the mother-daughter dinner seeing that Wendy has failed to arrive. The argument escalates and would have led to a fight if Tiffany was not restrained by her mom. When Wendy finally arrives and asks what's going on, Becca gives her the terse reply of, "You suck, Mom." During the next practice, "Lorenzo" and Becca have a heart-to-heart talk which helps Becca realize her mom's perspective. Wendy is also affected by this and begins striving to improve her soccer skills by reading soccer self-help books and watching Lorenzo documentaries. Becca expresses her gratitude towards "Lorenzo" by giving him her late father's coach whistle which "Lorenzo" eventually accepts. After Becca leaves, Wendy and Tony begin to display the feelings they have for each other and are about to kiss when Dee Dee shows up and ruins the moment. At home, Becca and her mom grow closer to each other. Becca apologizes for unintentionally hurting her mom sometimes. The climax is reached during the Cal South State Regional Finals where the real Lorenzo arrives. Upon seeing this, Wendy creates a diversion by luring Lorenzo to the hotel across the street where, to Lorenzo's dismay, there is an obese woman waiting for him. When the game is at 1-0, the real Lorenzo discovers that Wendy is impersonating him and ends the charade by pulling off her fake nose. The Galaxy team, disappointed, begin to leave but are stopped by Wendy who gives them an apology speech and pep talk. After hearing this, Becca decides to keep on playing and is joined by her teammates. They initiate a play formulated by Wendy but are interrupted as Tiffany’s mom attempts to make team Galaxy forfeit the team, claiming that they are not being coached by Lorenzo as registered. However, Lorenzo then states that he is right there to coach like the application says, otherwise, the Galaxy girls “no get a chance to finish what they start”. Team Galaxy eventually win the state regionals, defeating the Malibu team by a single point. Full cast Missi Pyle as Wendy / Coach Lorenzo Emily Osment as Becca Elon Gold as Tony Courtney Brown as Laurie Dan Cortese as Lorenzo Vincenzo Jennifer Sciole as Patti Duchamps Cassie Scerbo as Tiffany Eugene Osment as Marty Kristen Wilson as Dee Dee Master P as Wally Victoria Jackson as Dr. Renneker William O'Leary as Harley Robert Cavanah as Harry Steve Hytner as Coach Kenny Ellery Sprayberry as Kelci Dylan Sprayberry as Sammy Hymnson Chan as Bell Boy Clint Culp as Rick Monika Jolly as Waitress Lou Volpe as Italian National Karen Masumoto as Sierra John David Smith as Referee Joy Fawcett as Herself Kirsten Thompson as Polly Hinglebert External links Official website Soccer Mom at the Internet Movie Database