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Funta Origin Japan Genres J-Pop Pop rock Years active 1997–present Website Members UCO Yoshimi Funta (ファンタ?) is a Japanese pop rock band consisting of two members: UCO (U子, pronounced /yu.ko/?) on vocals and Yoshimi (吉見?) on guitar and bass. Active since 1997, Funta have not released any full-length albums to date, focusing instead on releasing singles for use as theme songs in anime. Funta's more recent credits have been primarily for the lyrics and composition of anime themes performed by other artists, including Mika Kikuchi, Suitei-Shojo, and Mai Nakahara. Despite the arguably infrequent nature of band activity, the duo are still active; the Official Funta Website is updated regularly by UCO, who keeps diaries on the site for herself as well as for her three dogs. Contents 1 Musical style 2 Discography 2.1 Soundtrack contributions 2.2 Other credits 3 External links // Musical style Funta's decidedly upbeat sound, which they describe (with contested accuracy) as technopop, incorporates elements of techno, ska, pop punk, and industrial rock, occasionally blending these styles together at a relatively frenetic pace within a single composition ("Wake up Angel"), and other times simply adhering to standard J-Pop conventions ("Mienai HAPPY"). With such a limited discography, however, it is perhaps UCO's intentionally cute, occasionally munchkin-esque singing style that is the band's most distinguishing characteristic. With upbeat lyrics, babyish vocals, and perhaps even their very existence as a two-member band, the duo exhibits characteristics relatively common of Japanese musical acts commissioned for work in anime and videogame production. Discography Soundtrack contributions Most songs listed below are available on the original soundtracks (OSTs) of their respective Series, usually as televised edits (TV SIZE), and only those songs for which "N/A" does not apply as Type. The singles below are cited for containing the full-length versions of all songs listed, and constitute the entirety of Funta's known body of work. Year Series Type Song Disc 1998 Dr. Slump OP#1 "Kao Dekaai" 顔でかーい [Single] N/A "It's a HAPPY WORLD" ED#1 "Hanage ga Chotto Tobidashiteiru." 鼻毛がちょっととびだしている。 [Single] N/A "ONBORO no Jitensha ni Notte" 2000 Samurai: Hunt for the Sword (OVA) OP "I Must Live" 快刀乱麻ー音楽編 - Original Soundtrack 2002 Pita-Ten OP "Wake up Angel ~Negaimashite wa ∞ (mugen) Nari~" Wake up Angel ~ねがいましては∞(無限)なり~ [Maxi] N/A "We are all Dreamer" 2003 Popotan ED "S・U・K・I" ぽぽたん e.p. [Maxi] N/A "Gem Stone" (with Under17) Nanaka 6/17 OP "Sunao na Mama" 「ななか6/17」OPテーマ - 素直なまま [Maxi] N/A "Mienai HAPPY ~Sagashimono wa Itsumo~" Other credits Year Series Type Song Performed by Credit 2003 E's Otherwise OP "Jouhou" Suitei-Shojo Composition 2005 Capeta ED#4 "My Star" Mika Kikuchi Composition & Lyrics 2006 Kage Kara Mamoru! OP "Million Love" Mai Nakahara Composition & Lyrics Kyou no Go no Ni (OVA) OP "Baby Love" Mai Kadowaki, Mamiko Noto, Mikako Takahashi Composition ED "Yakusoku" Composition & Lyrics Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle OP "Ohayou (オハヨウ)" Chiwa Saito, Nana Mizuki, Yuuna Inamura Composition & Lyrics Note: Guitarist Yoshimi is sometimes given composition and/or production credit as Hide, not to be confused with Hideto Matsumoto. External links Funta Official Homepage (Japanese) FunTa (ManGo) is a person in internet, his homepage is from germany, berlin This article on a Japanese band or other musical ensemble is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e