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Amona —  village  — Amona Location of Amona in Goa and India Coordinates 15°32′00″N 73°59′00″E / 15.5333333°N 73.9833333°E / 15.5333333; 73.9833333Coordinates: 15°32′00″N 73°59′00″E / 15.5333333°N 73.9833333°E / 15.5333333; 73.9833333 Country  India State Goa Time zone IST (UTC+5:30) Area • Elevation • 31 metres (102 ft) Codes • Pincode • 403107 Amona ( Konkani अमोना) is a census town in South Goa district in the state of Goa, India. It is believed that Amona was an ancient center for trade and commerce with lot of cultivated fertile land and alluvial banks of Mhadaee, now Mandovi. The surrounding land holds many cashew plantations and has a Sesa Goa pig iron plant. The rich soil and centralized location in Gomantak with water networks for inland transport allowed Aryans to settle on the land. Remains of ancient fortresses and settlements submerged in the soil around the ferry wharf region have been reported in Amona, Goa by archeology dept. of GOA. The earliest settlers of this region were primarily the Aryan warriors, administrators; and traders. These warriors in medieval times were a part of the Maratha clans . Ancient armors and swords are present in the Amona temples and they reveal an ancient military culture. There have been found scriptures which depict Amona as a capital of ancient dynasties. Amona has given birth to many great people. At present, Amona is a successful town with almost 90% employment and 98% literacy. Recently a bridge connecting Amona to Panaji has improved connectivity ( ferry service was used before the bridge was built). There are lots of colorful festivals held here with natakaas and gadgado. This article related to a location in the Indian state of Goa is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e