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Nicholas I Garay defending Elizabeth and Mary from the Horvats Nicholas I Garay (Croatian: Nikola I Gorjanski, Hungarian: Garai Miklós I), Croatia of Gorjani/Gara, form city Đakovo, the chief governor of Bratislava, (died 25 July 1386) was a palatine to the King of Hungary (1375–1385). He was Palatine of Pozsony and he was Count of Pozsony (1376–1377); Count of Baranya (1355); and Duke of Mаčva (1359–1375). Nicholas I Garay is most famous because he courageously defended his cousin and sovereign, Queen Mary of Hungary, and her mother, Elizabeth of Bosnia, from the Horvat brothers who were sent to kidnap them and he was beheaded in the process on 25 July 1386. Marriages and children He had five children: John (born c. 1371, died before 9 April 1428), Count of Temes (1402–1417), Count of Pozsega (1411–1417) and Ban of Ozora. He married Hedwig of Plock (Piast Dynasty). Among their children (Nicholas I Garay's grandchildren) was Queen Dorothea of Bosnia. Helen (fl 1424-39), who married Miklós Széchy de Fesõlendva before 1398 Dorothea, who married Nicolo Frangipane, Ban (Viceroy) of Croatia and Dalmatia, Count of Veglia, Senj and Modrus 21 April 1425. This Hungarian biographical article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e This biographical article of a European noble is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e