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Crucified Barbara Mia Coldheart, the singer/guitarist of Crucified Barbara Background information Origin Stockholm, Sweden Genres Heavy Metal, Glam Metal, Hard Rock Years active 1998–present Website Members Mia Coldheart Klara Force Ida Evileye Nicki Wicked Crucified Barbara is a Swedish all-female metal band, formed in Stockholm in 1998. Their music may best be described as a cross between heavy metal, Thrash metal and rock'n'roll.[1] Contents 1 Background 2 Lineup 3 Discography 3.1 Album 3.2 Singles 4 Tours 5 References 6 External links Background Crucified Barbara started out in 1998 as a punk rock band, but they speedily shifted their style to heavy metal. They signed in 2003 with GMR Music Group of Stockholm. Recordings took place in Kristianopel, Sweden at Pama Studios/Blakk Records with producer-engineer Mankan Sedenberg during the spring of 2004. Their advance debut single from their first album In Distortion We Trust, was "Losing the Game". It was released on 8 December 2005 and went straight to #8 on the Swedish music charts. The video to accompany it was recorded and produced by M Industries. The album was released in Sweden on 19 January and is available outside Sweden in several countries including the U.K, the U.S.A, France, Germany, and Benelux. In 2006, they contributed two songs, "Killed by Death" and "Please Don't Touch", to St. Valentines Day Massacre, a tribute album to Motörhead. Crucified Barbara's second album, Til Death Do Us Party, was released in Scandinavia on 11 February 2009 and in the rest of Europe on February 27.[2] It was produced in part by Mats Levén (known for producing albums by Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux, and Therion, among other bands within that genre.[3] Mats also sang vocals on the song "Jennyfer". In November 2009 Crucified Barbara went out on a six weeks European tour to promote the new album "Til Death Do Us Party". They played in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Sweden. A documentary film was made about the tour by filmmaker Mats Lundberg from Doom Films. The movies preliminary release date is set to late 2010. Lineup The current lineup is: Mia Coldheart (Mia Karlsson) – Vocals, Guitar Klara Force (Klara Rönnqvist Fors) – Guitar, Backing vocals Ida Evileye (Ida Stenbacka) – Bass Nicki Wicked (Jannicke Lindström) – Drums, Backing vocals Discography Album Title Date of Release US Chart Position UK Chart Position In Distortion We Trust January 2005 — — 'Til Death Do Us Party February 2009 — — Singles Title Date of Release US Chart Position UK Chart Position "Losing the Game" 2005 — — "Rock'n'Roll Bachelor" 2005 — — "Play Me Hard" 2006 — — "Jennyfer" 2010 — — Tours In November 2006, they supported Motörhead along with Clutch.[4] They played at the heavy metal festival Sweden Rock in June, 2006 and again in 2009,[5] with bands such as Heaven & Hell, In Flames and Dream Theater. In 2010 they played at Wacken Open Air. References ^ "Crucified Barbara | Music Videos, News, Photos, Tour Dates, Ringtones, and Lyrics". MTV. Retrieved 2010-06-23.  ^ Til Death Do Us Party New Album Out In February! ^ Crucified Barbara: 'Nyhetsmorgon' Performance, Interview Apr. 7, 2009 ^ Kiss Of DeafBy Andrew Woodger (2008-04-23). "Suffolk - Entertainment - Kiss Of Deaf". BBC. Retrieved 2010-06-23.  ^ "Sweden Rock Festival" (in (Swedish)). Retrieved 2010-06-23.  External links CrucifiedBarbara.Com Crucified Barbara on Myspace