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Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders Region 2 DVD cover Directed by Howard Ziehm Produced by Maurice Smith Gary Melius Joseph Garofalo Joe Allegro Written by Howard Ziehm Doug Frisby Starring Vince Murdocco Robyn Kelly Tony Travis William Dennis Hunt Morgan Fox Bruce Scott Maureen Webb Music by Paul Zaza Cinematography Danny Nowak Editing by Joe Tomatore Distributed by New Horizons Release date(s) January 30, 1989 Running time 98 min. (cut) 102 min. (uncut) Country Language English Budget $1.5 million Gross revenue $1,288,784 Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (aka Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders) is the sequel to the sex comedy Flesh Gordon. Like the original, it spoofs the Flash Gordon serials, though the humor is more scatological than the original. Contents 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Soundtrack 4 External links Plot Flesh (Vince Murdocco) is kidnapped by cheerleaders from a world known only as The Strange Planet, after the men on their planet are rendered impotent thanks to the villain known only as the Evil Presence (William Dennis Hunt). The Evil Presence, who is in an unhappy relationship with Queen Frigid (Maureen Webb), soon learns of Flesh's arrival on the planet, and wishes to transfer Flesh's phallus to himself, in order to make up for his own poor endowment. Cast Vince Murdocco as Flesh Gordon Robyn Kelly as Dale Ardor Tony Travis as Dr. Flexi Jerkoff William Dennis Hunt as Evil Presence Morgan Fox as Robunda Hooters Bruce Scott as Master Bator Maureen Webb as Queen Frigid Steve-Lyn Ray as Babs Sharon Rowley as Candy Love Soundtrack Stuck on You Baby - The Groovaholics and Ian McNeil The Hero Always Get the Girl - Bruce Scott The All-American Hero - Rod Knowlan External links Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders at the Internet Movie Database Flesh Gordon 2: Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders at Allrovi