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Not to be confused with electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. Elektron was a magnesium alloy developed in Germany during the 1914-18 War as a substitute for aluminium alloy. Elektron is unusually light and has a specific gravity of about 1.8 compared with the 2.8 of aluminium alloy.[1] Elektron was used to make incendiary bombs. Once ignited it could not be extinguished, and because it was so light thousands[citation needed] of bombs could be carried by an aeroplane. It burned at such a high temperature that it could penetrate armour plate.[2] Elektron is the registered trademark of Magnesium Elektron Limited for a range of magnesium alloys. The alloys include varying amounts of zirconium, silver, zinc, aluminium, or rare earth metals. Different variants of the alloy exhibit properties such as increased tensile strength, creep resistance, thermal stability or corrosion resistance. The alloy variants are sometimes used in auto racing and aerospace engineering applications due to magnesium's relatively low density. References ^ "Glossary E". Aeroplane Monthly. Retrieved 4 October 2010.  ^ "A not very possible fact". Airminded - Air power and British Society 1908-1941. Retrieved 4 October 2010.  External links Magnesium Elektron This alloy–related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e