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This article is an orphan, as few or no other articles link to it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles; suggestions may be available. (June 2010) Christopher Situma Khaemba is a Kenyan educator, former headmaster of Alliance High School, and the current Dean of the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. He moved from Alliance to become the founding Dean at the South Africa-based academy in 2008. Widely regarded as one of Africa's leading educationists, Khaemba was named the head administrator of the new institution at its inception in September 2008. He had served as Principal of Alliance for 10 years, during which period he oversaw the re-establishment of the school's strong performance in academics and involvement in extra-curricula activities. Contents 1 Kenya Air Force 2 Alliance High School 3 Friends School, Kamusinga 4 African Leadership Academy 5 Awards and recognition 6 References 7 External links // Kenya Air Force Khaemba attended Kenyatta University, Nairobi where he graduated with an MBA. He was an officer and pilot with the Kenya Air Force before quitting in 1984. Khaemba moved on into teaching, and he has never turned back. Alliance High School After making the drastic turn from the military into academia, Khaemba joined the teaching staff at Alliance High School, where he would go on to become a Mathematics and Physics teacher for the next fourteen years. During that time, he rose through the ranks becoming Housemaster, Careers Master, Senior Master, and Deputy Principal. Most of these positions would see him take charge of daily operations at the school routine and implementation of the curriculum. Khaemba's no-nonsense approach to learning earned him the nickname "Sodium" from his students. He was appointed by the government as headmaster of Friends School, Kamusinga in 1995 to overhaul the declining standards in the school. Within three years, Khaemba had instituted changes that helped the school regain its prominence as an academic giant and power-house of co-curricula activities in Western Province and nationally. Because of his success and a leadership philosophy that stressed the importance of imparting students a well-rounded education, Khaemba was recalled to become Principal at Alliance in 1998. Khaemba is widely reputed for reinstating the position of Alliance as a top secondary education institution in Kenya; under his Principal-ship, the school was consistently ranked within the top-ten best performing schools in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. He has stated that discipline is a key component that he acquired while in military service, and is critical to both his and his students' success. Khaemba is also well-known for placing students from varied backgrounds into universities in the United States, especially Ivy League colleges. Friends School, Kamusinga This once-prominent Western Kenya high school was undergoing a period of financial difficulties, dilapidated facilities, and general frustration among students and teachers in poor academic performance when Khaemba arrived in 1995 as Principal. The new headmaster steered the school back into its initial national prominence. African Leadership Academy Khaemba was selected to be the inaugural dean of the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008. The founders of the continental school, who include Fred Swaniker(CEO), Acha Leke and Peter Mobaur, settled on the Kenyan headmaster after seven months of searching across the globe for a suitable educator. The founders stated that Khaemba stood out as the favorite for the position, given his record at Alliance and Kamusinga, adding that he "has the entrepreneurial energy, integrity and a passion for learning and for Africa". As at 2010, ALA has placed more than 30 of its students in top-brass schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Some of those colleges include Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke, Purdue MIT, Middlebury, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Cardiff University, University of Dundee, University of Durham, University of Essex, Imperial College, University College London, London School of Economics, University of Manchester, Oxford, School of Oriental and African Studies, Jacobs University, Dalhousie University and Carleton. Awards and recognition For his accomplishments in education, Khaemba has been a recipient of a number of awards: One of Kenya's leading newspapers, The East African Standard, named Christopher Khaemba as one of the 100 most influential Kenyans in 2007, alongside Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai and veteran athlete Kipchoge Keino. Khaemba was among those awarded the Head of State Commendation by President Kibaki on the Jamhuri Day of 2005 Recipient of the 1999 Distinguished Service Medal, conferred by President Daniel arap Moi, for reviving Friend's School, Kamusinga, between November 1995 and November 1998 the Uhuru Open Tour, a grouping of Kenyans who raise funds through golf tournaments to support poor children through high school, gave Khaemba the Citizen of the Year Award in 2003. This was in recognition of his campaign for the support of boys from poor and impoverished backgrounds. He has had four other commendations from Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the impact he placed on his students who attended the university. References "Inaugural Dean of African Leadership Academy",African Leadership Academy, June 2, 2010 "SABC Interview with Dean Christopher Khaemba (Part 1)" ,, March 25, 2009, Alliance High School, September 26, 2008, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, September 27, 2007, "World-Class Secondary School Seeks Africa's Most Outstanding Young Leaders", GhanaWeb, September 12, 2007, "Christopher Khaemba Named Inaugural Dean", African Leadership Academy, May 2007, Dennis Onyango, "Kenya: Alliance Principal in the U.S. On a Rare Mission",, April 21, 2007, "African Examples: Christopher Khaemba", The Sunday Standard, December 25, 2005, World Economic Formum, [Undated] External links Alliance High School, Kikuyu, Kenya African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa Commission for Higher Education in Kenya Alliance Allumni Network