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State Route 96 Route information Maintained by ALDOT Length: 31 mi[1] (50 km) Major junctions West end: MS 50 at Mississippi state line west of Millport   SR-17 at Millport East end: SR-18 at Fayette Highway system Alabama State Routes ← SR-95 SR-97 → State Route 96 or SR-96 is a 31-mile (50 km) long route that extends from the Mississippi state line west of Millport in Lamar County to Fayette in Fayette County. Contents 1 Route description 2 Counties along the route 3 Major intersections 4 References // Route description The western terminus of SR-96 is located at the Mississippi state line east of Columbus, Mississippi and west of Millport. It is a continuation of Mississippi Highway 50. Through Lamar County, the route travels in a general east–west orientation. As the route enters Fayette County, the route assumes a northeastwardly trajectory, which continues until its terminus west of downtown Fayette at a junction with State Route 18. Counties along the route Fayette County, Alabama Lamar County, Alabama Major intersections State Route 17 at Millport. SR-17 and SR-96 share a concurrency between Millport and Kennedy State Route 18 in Fayette References ^ Highway Route Info Routes 76 - 100 This Alabama road or road transport-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e