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Radulphus Brito (died 1320) was an influential grammarian, based in Paris. He is usually identified as Raoul le Breton, though this is apparently disputed by some.[1][2]Besides works of grammatical speculation — he was one of the Modistae — he wrote on Aristotle, Boethius and Priscian. Radulphus was Master of arts in the University of Paris in 1296, and joined the theology faculty in 1311. Very few of his works are edited, although he was a prolific and apparently influential writer. He was one of a group of grammarians called the modistae or modists who flourished around Paris from about 1260 to 1310, so-called because they wrote on the mode of signifying. References Marenbon, J., Later Medieval Philosophy (1150-1350), Routledge 1991, c. 8. Notes ^ Bibliography of Raoul le Breton 'de Ploudiry' identifies the two ^ Confusion is possible since the contemporary Raoul de Presles (1316—1382) is also sometimes known as Raoul le Breton. External links Jean-Luc Deuffic, "Un logicien renommé, proviseur de Sorbonne au XIVème siècle. Raoul le Breton de Ploudiry" Raoul le Breton: tradition manuscrite