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Road Club EP by a-ha Released 25 August 1988 Recorded 1985-88 Genre Synthpop Length 25:47 Label Warner-Pioneer Corporation Producer Alan Tarney, Tony Mansfield, a-ha "Road Club" is the last of four Japan-exclusive EP's by a-ha[1]. Like the other three EP's it is quite rare due to being only released in Japan[2]. Track listing "The Blood That Moves The Body" (Extended Version) - (5:26) "Take On Me" (Extended Version) - (4:51) "Stay On These Roads" (Extended Version) - (6:14) "Hunting High And Low" (Extended Remix) - (6:03) "Soft Rains Of April" (Original Mix) - (3:15) References ^ ^ v • d • e a-ha Magne Furuholmen • Morten Harket • Paul Waaktaar-Savoy Studio albums Hunting High and Low • Scoundrel Days • Stay on These Roads • East of the Sun, West of the Moon • Memorial Beach • Minor Earth Major Sky • Lifelines • Analogue • Foot of the Mountain Compilation albums Headlines and Deadlines – The Hits of a-ha • The Definitive Singles Collection 1984–2004 • 25 Live albums A-ha Live at Vallhall – Homecoming Grimstad Benefit Concert • How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head EPs 45 R.P.M. Club • Twelve Inch Club • Scoundrel Club • Road Club Box sets Minor Earth Major Box Tours Hunting High and Low Tour • Stay On These Roads Tour • Walk Under the Sun Dance Under the Moon Tour • East of the Sun West of the Moon Tour • Memorial Beach Tour • Minor Earth Major Sky Tour • Lifelines Tour • Analogue Tour • Foot Of The Mountain Tour • Ending On A High Note Tour Related articles Discography • Awards • Tours • Savoy • Apparatjik • We Are Here v • d • e a-ha singles Hunting High and Low "Take on Me" · "Love Is Reason" · "The Sun Always Shines on T.V." · "Train of Thought" · "Hunting High and Low" Scoundrel Days "I've Been Losing You" · "Cry Wolf" · "Maybe, Maybe" · "Manhattan Skyline" Stay on These Roads "The Living Daylights" · "Stay on These Roads" · "The Blood That Moves the Body" · "Touchy!" · "You Are The One" · "There's Never A Forever Thing" East of the Sun, West of the Moon "Crying in the Rain" · "I Call Your Name" · "Early Morning" · "Waiting For Her" Headlines and Deadlines - The Hits of a-ha "Move to Memphis" · "The Blood That Moves the Body '92" Memorial Beach "Dark Is the Night" · "Angel in the Snow" · "Lie Down in Darkness" Minor Earth Major Sky "Summer Moved On" · "Minor Earth Major Sky" · "Velvet" · "The Sun Never Shone That Day" · "I Wish I Cared" Lifelines "Forever Not Yours" · "Lifelines" · "Did Anyone Approach You?" How Can I Sleep with Your Voice in My Head "The Sun Always Shines on TV (Live)" Analogue "Celice" · "Birthright" · "Analogue (All I Want)" · "Cosy Prisons" Foot of the Mountain "Foot of the Mountain" · "Nothing Is Keeping You Here" · "Shadowside" 25 "Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)" Non-album Singles "Shapes That Go Together"