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Cyberspace and Reds Studio album / mixtape by The Streets Released 24 January 2011 (UK) Recorded 2010 Genre UK Garage Alternative Hip Hop Electronica Length 39:48 min Label self-released Producer Mike Skinner The Streets chronology Everything Is Borrowed (2009) Cyberspace and Reds (2011) Computers and Blues (2011) Cyberspace and Reds is an album by Mike Skinner under his alias The Streets, released on 24 January 2011. Contents 1 History 2 Tracklisting 3 Release history 4 References History In November 2010, Mike Skinner announced via the official Streets website, that he will release what he referred to as a "mixtape" album called Cyberspace and Reds, consisting of various recordings he had made since he finished work on the final Streets album Computers and Blues, which in his mind was already a thing of his past. The album cover is the first computer-related photo tweeted to Skinner after his announcement of the album.[1] The album was initially released only for download via the Streets iPhone app. Users of the app were required to scan one barcode displayed on the website, and the barcode "from the side of a 300g tin of tomato soup by a well known brand" (the brand turned out to be Heinz)[2]. Three days after this release, a so-called "deluxe" edition was made available for general download through the Streets website; it featured a reworked version of Robots are taking over, as well as a bonus track called At the back of the line.[3] Tracklisting No. Title Length 1. "Came in through the door" (featuring Kano) 3:07 2. "4 o'Clock"   3:47 3. "Don't hide away" (featuring Wiley, Rinse and Ice Kid) 3:13 4. "Too numb" (featuring roxXxan) 3:57 5. "Backseat barz" (featuring Loudmouth) 5:26 6. "Tidy nice and neat" (featuring Ghost Poet) 2:08 7. "The morning after the day off on one" (featuring Trim) 1:55 8. "Cinema barz" (featuring Jammer) 2:52 9. "Breakbat barz" (featuring Scru Fizzer) 2:20 10. "Something to hide"   2:14 11. "Robots are taking over" (featuring Envy and Elro - Deluxe edition version featuring Envy, Elro and Frisco) 2:46 12. "Cross that line" (featuring Fumin) 3:04 13. "Minding my own" (featuring Wretch32) 3:01 14. "At the back of the line" (featuring Joey G-Zus; only on Deluxe Edition) 2:01 Release history Region Date Label Download 24 January 2011[4] self-released Download or Listen to Cyberspace & Reds References ^ Skinner, Mike (2010-11). ***cyberspace and reds***. Retrieved 2011-02-05  ^ Skinner, Mike (2011-01). ***cyberspace and red soup***. Retrieved 2011-02-05  ^ Skinner, Mike (2011-01). ***cyberspace and reds deluxe edition***. Retrieved 2011-02-05  ^ v · d · eThe Streets Mike Skinner • Johny Drum Machine Morgan Nicholls • Kevin Mark Trail • Wayne Vibes • Chris Brown • Magic Mike Studio albums Original Pirate Material (2002)  · A Grand Don't Come for Free (2004)  · The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living (2006)  · Everything Is Borrowed (2008)  · Cyberspace and Reds (2011)  · Computers and Blues (2011) Extended plays All Got Our Runnins (2003) Singles "Has It Come to This?"  · "Let's Push Things Forward"  · "Weak Become Heroes"  · "The Irony of It All"  · "Don't Mug Yourself"  · "Fit But You Know It"  · "Dry Your Eyes"  · "Blinded by the Lights"  · "Could Well Be In"  · "When You Wasn't Famous"  · "Never Went to Church"  · "Prangin' Out"  · "Everything Is Borrowed "  · "Going Through Hell" Other songs "Fake Streets Hats"  · "Empty Cans"  · "Who Knows Who" (with Muse) · "The Escapist"  · "Heaven for the Weather" Related articles Discography  · The Beats  · Grime  · UK garage  · Leo the Lion  · Ted Mayhem  · Morgan Nicholls  · Kevin Mark Trail