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For other uses, see Liaoyang County. Liaoyang —  Prefecture-level city  — Chinese transcription(s)  - Simplified 辽阳  - Traditional 遼陽  - Pinyin Liáoyáng Location of Liaoyang in Liaoning Liaoyang Location within China Coordinates: 41°16′N 123°11′E / 41.267°N 123.183°E / 41.267; 123.183Coordinates: 41°16′N 123°11′E / 41.267°N 123.183°E / 41.267; 123.183 Country China Province Liaoning City Seat Liaoyang County Districts List Baita District Wensheng District Hongwei District Gongchangling District Taizihe District Dengta City Liaoyang County Government  - CPC Anshan Sun Yuan-liang Committee Secretary  - Mayor Tang Zhiguo Area  - Total 4,731 km2 (1,826.6 sq mi) Population  - Total 1,820,000 Time zone China Standard (UTC+8) Area code(s) 419 Website Liaoyang (simplified Chinese: 辽阳; traditional Chinese: 遼陽; pinyin: Liáoyáng) is a city in China, Liaoning province, located in the middle of the Liaodong Peninsula. The city is situated on the T'ai-tzu River with a current population of 1,820,000. It is approximately one hour south of Shenyang by car. Liaoyang is home to Liaoning University's College of Foreign Studies and a number of vocational colleges. The city hosts a limited number of professional basketball and volleyball games in a modern sports facility. Contents 1 History 2 Administrative divisions 2.1 Tourism 3 Military 4 International relations 4.1 Twin towns — Sister cities 5 External links 6 References History Nurhaci captured Liaoyang in 1621 and made it the capital of he's Empire until 1625. Liaoyang is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in northeast China. The city has a number of sites of historical interest. Among these is the White Pagoda (baita), which dates back to the Yuan dynasty. The Liaoyang White Pagoda sits in White Pagoda Park. Between 1621 and 1625, Liaoyang (then called Dongjing) was the capital of the Later Jin Dynasty, which at the time already ruled all of Manchuria (Dongbei, i.e., "the Northeast", in Chinese) and was to change its name to Qing soon. The Emperor Nurhaci moved the capitol to Shenyang in 1625. Liaoyang was the site of the Battle of Liaoyang (August 24-September 4, 1904), which was one of the major battles of the Russo-Japanese War. Administrative divisions Within Liaoyang prefecture there is 1 county, 5 districts and 1 city.[1] Map # Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2003 est.) Area (km²) Density (/km²) 1 Baita District 白塔区 Báitǎ Qū 210,000 24 8,750 2 Wensheng District 文圣区 Wénshèng Qū 180,000 38 4,737 3 Hongwei District 宏伟区 Hóngwěi Qū 110,000 59 1,864 4 Gongchangling District 弓长岭区 Gōngchánglǐng Qū 90,000 288 313 5 Taizihe District 太子河区 Tàizǐhé Qū 120,000 148 811 6 Dengta City 灯塔市 Dēngtǎ Shì 510,000 1,331 383 7 Liaoyang County 辽阳县 Liáoyáng Xiàn 590,000 2,853 207 Tourism White Pagoda (baita) Although the lack of greenspace throughout the city is noticeable, there are a few historical sites to be visited. The LiaoYang museum - built in 1921 and open to public since 1984 - contains many antiques. The temple surrounding BaiTa (White Pagoda) was destroyed during WWII and recreated to become one of LiaoYang's main tourism attraction in recent years. Other tourist attractions in LiaoYang include memorial sites and old cities. In the downtown area busy shopping malls can be found. The shopping area includes a total of 5 malls and traffic-free streets with many Chinese brand name stores. Within the malls, you can find unique stores and cheap goods. On the streets, there are many interesting and delicious regional snacks. Also in the shopping area is a street with many Korean BBQ restaurants (street name?). Further afield, you'll find many more different types of Chinese restaurants including Huo Jia Jiaozi, a traditional dumpling restaurant. Also look for Ming Du Sangna, a place where the wealthy elite meet for a bath. Famous people from Liaoyang Cao Xueqin, the author of Dream of the Red Chamber (Hong lou meng, 红楼梦). Military Liaoyang is headquarters of the 39th Mechanized Group Army of the People's Liberation Army, one of the three group armies that comprise the Shenyang Military Region responsible for defending China's northeastern borders with Russia and North Korea. International relations Main article: List of twin towns and sister cities in China Twin towns — Sister cities Liaoyang is twinned with: Los Gatos, California, United States Haman, South Korea External links The Liaoyang Government website Brief description of Liaoyang White Pagoda and a few pictures Information about infrastructure, service facilities and tourism Article about Liaoyang at the Encyclopaedia Britannica, with much about the history References ^ Liaoyang Municipal Government (2007-07-03). "辽阳市人民政府网站" (in Chinese). Retrieved 2008-05-30.  v · d · eLiaoning Province Shenyang (Capital) Topics History • Politics • Economy • Cuisine • Language Admin. divisions Liaoning in China Shenyang | Shenhe District · Huanggu District · Heping District · Dadong District · Tiexi District · Sujiatun District · Dongling District · Shenbei New Area · Yuhong District · Xinmin City · Faku County · Liaozhong County · Kangping County · Hunnan New Area* Dalian | Xigang District · Zhongshan District · Shahekou District · Ganjingzi District · Lüshunkou District · Jinzhou District (Jinzhou New Area*) · Wafangdian City · Pulandian City · Zhuanghe City · Changhai County Anshan | Tiedong District · Tiexi District · Lishan District · Qianshan District · Haicheng City · Tai'an County · Xiuyan Autonomous County Fushun | Shuncheng District · Xinfu District · Dongzhou District · Wanghua District · Fushun County · Xinbin Autonomous County · Qingyuan Autonomous County Benxi | Pingshan District · Xihu District · Mingshan District · Nanfen District · Benxi Autonomous County · Huanren Autonomous County Dandong | Zhenxing District · Yuanbao District · Zhen'an District · Fengcheng City · Donggang City · Kuandian Autonomous County Jinzhou | Taihe District · Guta District · Linghe District · Linghai City · Beizhen City · Heishan County · Yi County Yingkou | Zhanqian District · Xishi District · Bayuquan District · Laobian District · Dashiqiao City · Gaizhou City Fuxin | Haizhou District · Xinqiu District · Taiping District · Qinghemen District · Xihe District · Zhangwu County · Fuxin Autonomous County Liaoyang | Baita District · Wensheng District · Hongwei District · Gongchangling District · Taizihe District · Dengta City · Liaoyang County Panjin | Xinglongtai District · Shuangtaizi District · Dawa County · Panshan County Tieling | Yinzhou District · Qinghe District · Diaobingshan City · Kaiyuan City · Tieling County · Xifeng County · Changtu County Chaoyang | Shuangta District · Longcheng District · Beipiao City · Lingyuan City · Chaoyang County · Jianping County · Harqin Autonomous County Huludao | Longgang District · Lianshan District · Nanpiao District · Xingcheng City · Suizhong County · Jianchang County ■ = Sub-provincial city ■ = Prefecture-level city *Not a formal administrative area