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Elections were held in the organized municipalities in the Cochrane District of Ontario on October 25, 2010 in conjunction with municipal elections across the province. Contents 1 Black River-Matheson 2 Cochrane 3 Fauquier-Strickland 4 Hearst 5 Iroquois Falls 6 Kapuskasing 7 Mattice-Val Côté 8 Moonbeam 9 Moosonee 10 Opasatika 11 Smooth Rock Falls 12 Timmins 13 Val Rita-Harty 14 References Black River-Matheson Incumbent mayor Mike Milinkovich was narrowly re-elected in Black River-Matheson, winning just 22 votes more than challenger Joanne Barber in a race that was very nearly an even three-way split.[1] Five of the township's six councillors, Willie Dubien, Darrell Pettefer, Jerry Cashmore, Bob Renaud and Gisele Desmarais, won by acclamation; André Gadoury won over Charmaine Moffat to take the only contested council seat.[1] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Mike Milinkovich (X) 387 36.75 Joanne Barber 365 34.66 Diane Pearson 301 28.58 Ward 6 Candidate Vote  % André Gadoury 114 70.81 Charmaine Moffat 47 29.19 Cochrane Peter Politis was elected mayor of Cochrane.[2] Jane Skidmore-Fox, Robert Hutchinson, Darryl Owens, Gilles Chartrand, Bob Bawtinhimer and Christina Farquhar-Leigh were elected to council.[2] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Peter Politis 850 Ray Brisson 619 Jean-Paul Lajeunesse 298 Helmut Ucke 268 Gunny Hotte 85 Fauquier-Strickland There were no council elections in Fauquier-Strickland, as the entire council, consisting of mayor Madeleine Tremblay and councillors Gilles Fortin, Gilles Pineault, Roger Brunet and Sylvie Albert, won by acclamation.[3] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Madeleine Tremblay (X) Acclaimed Hearst Incumbent mayor Roger Sigouin was re-elected in Hearst.[4] Only two of the town's six incumbent councillors, André Rhéaume and Marc Dufresne, ran for re-election to their council seats; two councillors, Katrina Carrera and Marc Dupuis, challenged Sigouin in the mayoral race, and two incumbents did not seek re-election.[4] Both Rhéaume and Dufresne were re-elected to council, and will be joined by new councillors Jonathan Blier, Daniel Lemaire, Conrad Morin and Gaétan Longval.[5] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Roger Sigouin (X) 1,616 Katrina Carrera 589 Marc Dupuis 231 Iroquois Falls Incumbent mayor Gilles Forget was re-elected in Iroquois Falls.[6] Michael Shea, Tory Delaurier, Terry Boucher, Pat Britton, Gilbert Fournier and Yves Carrière were elected to council.[6] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Gilles Forget (X) 1,439 67% Jim Brown 555 26% Nick Kuzmich 153 7% Kapuskasing Incumbent mayor Alan Spacek was acclaimed back into office in Kapuskasing.[7] Emilie Lemieux, David Plourde, Laurier Guillemette, Martin Credger, Martin Dinnissen and Yvon Guertin were elected to council.[8] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Alan Spacek (X) Acclaimed Mattice-Val Côté Incumbent mayor Jean-Louis Brunet was acclaimed back into office in Mattice-Val Côté;[7] however, all of the town's incumbent councillors were defeated.[7] The new council will consist of Michel Brier, Nathalie Lamoreaux, Richard Lemay and Réjean Mitron.[8] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Jean-Louis Brunet (X) Acclaimed Moonbeam Incumbent mayor Gilles Audet was re-elected in Moonbeam over challenger Henriette Lapointe.[7] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Gilles Audet (X) ~350 92 Henriette Lapointe ~40 8 Moosonee Victor Mitchell defeated incumbent mayor Wayne Taipale in Moosonee.[9] Sandra Linklater, Pauline Sackaney, Bob Gravel and Arthur McComb were elected to council.[9] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Victor Mitchell 205 Wayne Taipale (x) 184 James R. Smoke 45 Opasatika In Opasatika, challenger Françoise Lambert defeated incumbent mayor Donald Nolet by just two votes.[8] Linda Lallier, Linda Tremblay, Ghislain Doste and Aline Dallaire were elected to council.[8] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Françoise Lambert ~88 Donald Nolet (X) ~86 Smooth Rock Falls Incumbent mayor Michel Arsenault was returned by acclamation in Smooth Rock Falls.[7] However, almost all of the town's council will be newly elected; Daniel Alie, Gratien Bernier and Joanne Landry will join returning incumbent Sue Perras.[7] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Michel Arsenault Acclaimed Timmins Incumbent mayor Tom Laughren was re-elected in Timmins.[10] Timmins City Council consists of eight councillors, who are elected to five wards. One councillor represents each of the rural neighbourhoods of Mountjoy, Schumacher, Porcupine and South Porcupine, while four at-large councillors represent the city's urban core. In the council race, three of the four incumbent rural councillors were reelected; Ward 3 councillor Billy Gvozdanovic ran for re-election in the downtown ward, leaving an open seat in Schumacher.[11] The seat was won by Noella Rinaldo, who will be the only woman on the city council in the upcoming term.[11] Gvozdanovic was defeated in Ward 5, along with two of the ward's incumbent councillors;[11] one other incumbent, Denis Saudino, did not run for re-election.[11] Instead, the ward elected three new councillors, Todd Lever, Andrew Marks and Steven Black, along with incumbent councillor and former mayor Michael Doody.[11] Mayoral Candidate Vote  % Tom Laughren (X) 10,530 89.62 Alan Manchester 1,220 10.38 Ward 1 Candidate Vote  % Gary Skripnick (X) 838 39.47 Veronica Farrell 756 35.61 Frank Pontarelli 529 24.92 Ward 2 Candidate Vote  % John Curley (X) 587 55.69 Mickey Auger 467 44.31 Ward 3 Candidate Vote  % Noella Rinaldo 469 63.98 Lou Battochio 165 22.51 Chad Portelance 52 7.09 Remi Villars 47 6.41 Ward 4 Candidate Vote  % Pat Bamford (X) 736 54.56 Norm Bolduc 613 45.44 Ward 5 Candidate Vote  % Todd Lever 3,864 19.07 Michael Doody (x) 3,601 17.77 Andrew Marks 2,894 14.28 Steven Black 2,758 13.61 Stephen Adams (x) 2,647 13.06 Jack Slattery (x) 2,294 11.32 Billy Gvozdanovic (x) 2,205 10.88 Val Rita-Harty Incumbent mayor Laurier Bourgeois was acclaimed back into office in Val Rita-Harty.[7] Alain Tremblay, Allain Dandenault, Roger Lachance and Justin Murray were elected to council.[7] Reeve Candidate Vote  % Laurier Bourgeois (X) Acclaimed References ^ a b "Milinkovich takes tight race". 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