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"Seize the Day" Single by Avenged Sevenfold from the album City of Evil Released July 7, 2005 Genre Hard rock, alternative metal Length 5:32 Label Warner Bros. Records Writer(s) M. Shadows, The Rev Producer Andrew Murdock Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold singles chronology "Beast and the Harlot" (2006) "Seize the Day" (2006) "Walk" (2007) "Seize the Day" is a song by Avenged Sevenfold, the song is released as the fourth single from their third album City of Evil.[1] "Seize the Day" has been released on July 27, 2010 as a downloadable track in Rock Band 2 along with "Nightmare" and "Scream". Contents 1 Music video 2 Personnel 3 References 4 External links Music video Directed by Wayne Isham, the video depicts a couple, of which the man is the frontman and vocalist of Avenged Sevenfold, Matt "M. Shadows" Sanders, and his wife (girlfriend at the time) Valary DiBenedetto, in love and expecting a child. Matt's friends (the rest of the band) come to his house to make plans to rob a liquor store. In the process, Matt gets caught by the police while the others drive off, leaving him behind. Matt goes to jail, where Matt's girlfriend comes to visit him. They get into a fight. While driving home, his girlfriend is hit by a van. A funeral scene follows, and her casket is lowered into the ground. Synyster Gates is shown playing the song's guitar solo on top of her casket, but is also in the crowd. In this scene, a lady can be seen holding an infant, presumably Matt's prematurely born child saved during the mother's death. After the funeral, Matt is in jail suffering and remembering all the good memories he has of his girlfriend. At the end of the video, Matt is at her grave, and the rest of the band comes over to him along with a small boy. Matt picks up the boy and they all walk away sad. The video tells a story, similar to the Guns N' Roses' video 'November Rain'. M. Shadows said, "It's not us driving around in cool cars and just chilling, you know? It has a story and Guns N' Roses did those videos the best. It wasn't about looking cool and being flashy, it was about being real and showing the scenario and being true to the video." "We wanted to do a more emotional video this time", Shadows explained. "We have a lot of strippers and stuff like that in our other videos, so we wanted to be much more serious. It's about taking the people you love and holding them close. You make some mistakes in life and that can all be taken away from you in two minutes, so you have to think twice about your actions. It's about seizing the day and keeping those you love close and not messing up." Personnel Avenged Sevenfold M. Shadows - lead vocals Synyster Gates - lead guitar, backing vocals Zacky Vengeance - rhythm guitar, backing vocals Johnny Christ - bass The Rev - drums, backing vocals Production Produced by Andrew Murdock Music video directed by Wayne Isham Artwork by Cam Rackam References ^ A7X official site - Check for the band's biography and releases. External links Seize the Day official music video on v · d · eAvenged Sevenfold M. Shadows • Synyster Gates • Zacky Vengeance • Johnny Christ • Arin Ilejay The Rev • Justin Sane • Dameon Ash • Matt Wendt Studio albums Sounding the Seventh Trumpet • Waking the Fallen • City of Evil • Avenged Sevenfold •Diamonds in the Rough • Nightmare EPs Warmness on the Soul • Welcome to the Family Demos 1999 Demo • 2000 Demo Promos Waking the Fallen • City of Evil • Avenged Sevenfold • Nightmare DVDs All Excess • Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough Singles "Warmness on the Soul" • "Second Heartbeat" • "Unholy Confessions" • "Burn It Down" • "Bat Country" • "Beast and the Harlot" • "Seize the Day" • "Walk" • "Critical Acclaim" • "Almost Easy" • "Afterlife" • "Crossroads" • "Dear God" • "Scream" • "Nightmare" • "Welcome to the Family" • "So Far Away" • "Not Ready to Die" Tours Take Action Tour 2003 • Warped Tour 2003 • Warped Tour 2004 • Warped Tour 2005 • Ozzfest 2006 • Cities of Evil Tour • Avenged Sevenfold Tour • Taste of Chaos Tour 2008 • Rock on the Range 2009 • Uproar Festival 2010 • Nightmare Tour • Nightmare After Christmas Tour • Welcome To The Family Tour • Rock on the Range 2011 Tribute albums Strung Out on Avenged Sevenfold: Bat Wings and Broken Strings • Strung Out on Avenged Sevenfold: The String Tribute Record labels Warner Bros. Records • Hopeless Records • Good Life Recordings Related articles Discography • Pinkly Smooth • Brian Haner • Mike Portnoy  Book:Avenged Sevenfold ·  Category:Avenged Sevenfold ·  Portal:Heavy metal