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Ground Mower (pictured left-right: Magnus Arnar, Tomas Marklund, Richard Bång) Background information Origin Stockholm, Sweden Genres Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Metal Years active 2004 – Present Labels Unsigned Website Members Magnus Arnar Richard Bång Tomas Marklund Jonathan Granlund Pennheim Past members Jonta Wigstad Snobben Ground Mower is an unsigned Swedish Metal band consisting of: Magnus Arnar (lead vocals), Richard Bång (percussion and drums), Tomas Marklund (bass, backing vocals), Jonathan Granlund Pennheim (guitar) and Joakim Hedestedt (keyboards) . Ground Mower is well known for having a unique metal edge that does not conform to the NWOSDM style that is particular to Sweden, Norway and Finland. Contents 1 Formation 2 Style and Influence 3 Discography 4 Notoriety 5 External links 6 Notes Formation Richard Bång was attending a summer music festival where he saw Magnus Arnar sing with his R&B tribute band, Soul 78, leading him to formulate plans for a new band with Magnus as lead vocalist. It had been several years since Richard had drummed professionally, but after the music festival was led to once again pick up his sticks and get back in the game. Shortly after that, Richard's former band Face Down was in studio and asked him to lay down some tracks for their upcoming album. While he was working on the studio tracks for Face Down, Richard ran into former Mozes (death metal) band mates, Jonas Wigstad and Tomas Marklund, who were also very interested in the new band idea. Later that same year, they started playing together and writing songs. Change, as the saying goes, is inevitable. After 4 years of collaborating to make some great music, Ground Mower was in need of a new guitarist. Snobben, former lead guitarist for Gemini Five, joined Ground Mower in role in Spring of 2009. He kept the spot as a stand in, as he had too many projects to give Ground Mower a hundred percent attention. Joakim Hedestedt and Richard Bång had a couple of years earlier a project with a guitar player named Jonathan Granlund Pennheim and they came up with his name again for a permanent replacement after Jonas Wigstad. Jonathan had played both guitar and bass in different local acts in Stockholm. Mostly known as the bassplayer in one of Stockholm most interesting bands, Subculture. Lead vocalist of Subculture was no-one less than Nadir "RedOne" Khayat who are today one of the most known and awarded musicproducers worldwide after his productions with Lady Gaga and many other well known stars. Jonathan listened to Ground Mowers album and was thrilled with what he heard. He joined the band in fall of 2009. Style and Influence While Richard, Jonas and Tomas all were band mates in Mozes, and played individually in various melodic death metal bands, Richard felt more musically influenced by bands like Motörhead and Pantera. Since the time of Mozes' demise, Tomas, who always favored Punk Rock bands and, had also developed an interest in Irish Folk Music. Soul 78 was an obvious testament to Magnus' Rhythm and Blues influences. The intertwining and meshing of the different influences and styles was very unusual. The quartet's music easily glides along a well oiled Metal pathway, but could also fall into a number of other Rock sub-genres. With the new line up consisting Jonathan on guitar, the music got some extra boost and dynamic. Influenced by guitarplayers such as Ty Tabor from the band King's X and Michael Schenker, Jonathan makes a tasty add to the Ground Mower concept. Even thou he claims not to be a leadguitarist and he's more into rhythms and riffs he can provide us with some really catchy chops. The most common sub-genre of Rock Ground Mower is perceived to fall into is Grunge/Alternative rock. Though Sweden was not pulled into the throes of the Grunge movement that swept across the United States, and even across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom as evidenced by the popularity of Bush, reviews of Ground Mower's music from both the U.S. and the UK have likened it to various grunge influences, attributable at least in part to the band's 'raw' type of sound.[1][2][3] Discography 2008: "War Machine" No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. "Down"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 3:15 2. "Time"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 2:58 3. "Hide"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 3:58 4. "Carved In Stone"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 2:44 5. "War Machine"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 3:57 6. "Last Ride"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 2:55 7. "Mr. Do-Right!"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 2.37 8. "Painwave"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 3:41 9. "Beyond the Sun"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 3:41 10. "Stand Alone"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 2:29 11. "Burning Present Waste"   M. Arnar, Ground Mower 3:20 Ground Mower "Down" (2008) 22 sec sample of "Down" from Ground Mower's "War Machine". Problems listening to this file? See media help. Notoriety Kerrang! magazine rated Ground Mower's debut album a very coveted 4K's.[4] Mark Cooper of Glasswerk magazine says, Ground Mower exude[s] that metal aggression and power, with strong, swamp thick guitar chords and a weight derived from intense drumming; but in the same breath they pull out the groove and hooks of rock and roll with out any after thought-mainly because they are intent on achieving a complete sound and feel. The results are a constant assault, haymaker after haymaker, until with ’War machine’ they take the gloves off and its unprotected taped fists raining down…then with ’Last ride’ the fists are dipped in broken glass and the attack continues, it’s only when they get set on fire that you potentially lose consciousness-like a beating, that you actually enjoy.[5] Ground Mower's music has also garnered the attention of former Iron Maiden member Bruce Dickinson, who has been known to randomly crank up Ground Mower on his BBC 6 Music radio show.[6] Ground Mower was also the hand picked Metal band to play on the Gibson Stage at Sweden Rock on June 4, 2009.[7] External links Ground Mower's Official Site Ground Mower on MySpace Ground Mower on Reverb Nation Ground Mower on Notes ^ Kerrang! magazine Ground Mower review excerpt from ^ Glasswerk magazine Ground Mower review Glasswerk's Review ^ Mindview magazine Ground Mower review Mindview's Review ^ Kerrang! magazine Ground Mower review excerpt from ^ Glasswerk magazine Ground Mower review Glasswerk's Review ^ Bruce Dickinson Show's tracklisting ^ Sweden Rock 2009 Lineup Ground Mower artikel på Svenska