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Santa Margarita resucita a un muchacho, Museo del Prado Giovanni Serodine (1600 – June 10, 1631) was an Italian painter of the early Baroque period. Born to a Lombard family of stuccoists in Ascona in Canton Ticino (in present-day Switzerland), he gravitated while in Rome and there developed an idiosyncratic expression of Carravaggist style. His style has the loose brushstroke and luminosity of some of the northern Caravaggisti, such as Lys, Strozzi, and Fetti, who were active in Venice; however, some of Serodine's canvases show a provincial eccentricity, for example Coronation of the Virgin in Ascona. Baglione found in his art a great vivacity, although he noted Serodine appears to have made few friends and patrons in Rome. In his short mature career, he produced a few handful of intensely emotional tenebrist canvases such as a Jesus among the Masters (Louvre); Jesus and the Tribute money (National Gallery of Scotland); Saint Lawrence distributing alms (painted for San Lorenzo fuori le Mura, now Convent of Valvisciolo in Sermoneta); Decapitation of Saint John the Baptist (San Lorenzo fuori le Mura); Saint Michael (originally San Pietro in Montorio) and Transfiguration of Christ (whereabouts unknown); Road to Emmaus and Sons of Zebedee (Ascona); Portrait of his father (Lugano); and Portrait of a Philosopher (Rancate). References A Masterpiece by Giovanni Serodine, Giuseppe Fiocco. The Burlington Magazine (1929) pp 190-191,195 A Giovanni Serodine Exhibition. A. Scharf.The Burlington Magazine (1950). pp 352-355. External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Giovanni Serodine Artcyclopedia entry v · d · e    Caravaggisti Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio · Artists in biographies by Giovanni Baglione · Baroque · Chiaroscuro · Tenebrism · Paintings attributed to Caravaggio Dutch Caravaggisti Dirck van Baburen · Jan van Bijlert · Paulus Bor · Andries Both · Hendrick Bloemaert · Jan Gerritsz van Bronckhorst · Hendrick ter Brugghen · Wouter Crabeth II · Gerard van Honthorst · Matthias Stom Flemish Caravaggisti Adam de Coster · Nicolas Régnier · Theodoor Rombouts · Gerard Seghers · French Caravaggisti Trophime Bigot · Valentin de Boulogne · Georges de La Tour · Jean LeClerc · Nicolas Tournier · Claude Vignon · Simon Vouet · Italian Caravaggisti Giovanni Baglione · Orazio Borgianni · Battistello Caracciolo · Cecco del Caravaggio · Bernardo Cavallino · Bartolomeo Cavarozzi · Domenico Fetti · Artemisia Gentileschi · Orazio Gentileschi · Ottavio Leoni · Bartolomeo Manfredi · Mario Minniti · Mattia Preti · Orazio Riminaldi · Carlo Saraceni · Bartolomeo Schedoni · Giovanni Serodine  · Carlo Sellitto · Leonello Spada · Massimo Stanzione · Giuseppe Vermiglio Spanish Caravaggisti Bartolomé Esteban Murillo · Francisco Ribalta · Juan Ribalta · Jusepe de Ribera · Francisco Zurbarán · Related topics Rembrandt · Gerrit Dou · Peter Paul Rubens · Diego Velázquez