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for the village in Nepal see Kathar, Nepal Katha ကသာ Kathar Katha Location of Katha, Burma Coordinates: 24°10′56″N 96°19′50″E / 24.18222°N 96.33056°E / 24.18222; 96.33056Coordinates: 24°10′56″N 96°19′50″E / 24.18222°N 96.33056°E / 24.18222; 96.33056 Country  Burma Division Sagaing Division District Katha Township Katha Elevation 407 ft (124 m) Time zone MST (UTC+6.30) Katha (Burmese: ကသာ; MLCTS: ka. sa, pronounced and sometimes spelled, Kathar) is a town in Sagaing Division, Myanmar, on the west side of the Ayeyarwady river on a bluff with an average elevation of 124 m. Most of the town is more than 10 meters above the river.[1] Katha is known as the real setting of George Orwell's Burmese Days. Contents 1 Location 2 Economy 3 Setting of George Orwell's Burmese Days 4 Notes 5 External links 6 See also Location Katha is 12 hours by rail north of Mandalay through the railroad junction town of Naba which is 23 km or 14 miles to the west of Katha. A small branch of railway runs east from Naba to Katha. Katha can also be reached by ferries that run on the Ayeyarwady river between the upstream town of Bhamo down to Mandalay. There is also direct bus service from Mandalay to Katha, but it is a bumpy ride. Economy Katha is the administrative seat of Katha District which comprises seven small townships. Katha is populated with government offices and many of the early town settlers were from every part of Burma and usually had background history of civil service under at least one of ministerial departments. The main economy of the town is fisheries and farming of kidney beans. Production of rice in the Katha Township is less than its consumption and Katha has to depend on imports from the nearby townships such as Indaw or Kawlin. Katha is a legendarily bureaucratic stronghold, and its prosperity is crippled by it.[citation needed] Setting of George Orwell's Burmese Days Katha is known in literature as the real place underlying the fictional Kyauktada, setting of George Orwell's first novel Burmese Days (1934). Orwell himself served at Katha in 1926-27 in the Indian Imperial Police. The British Club (including active tennis court), police station, and town jail are locations referenced in the novel that can still be visited today. More accounts on this section is readable in Emma Larkin's "Finding George Orwell in Burma". Katha links with prominent Burmese writers such as Shwe U Daung, Thaw Tar Swe, Theik-Pan Muu Tin, and AFPFL leader Kyaw Nyein from Stable faction . Street in Katha along the Ayeyarwady River British Club in Katha (only ground floor is original in Orwell's time) Notes ^ "Katha, Burma" Google Earth External links "Katha, Burma", Falling Rain Genomics, Inc. "Katha Map — Satellite Images of Katha", Maplandia See also George Orwell v · d · eSagaing Division Capital: Sagaing Hkamti District Hkamti Township ( Singkaling Hkamti) · Homalin Township (Homalin) Kale District Kale (Kalemyo) Township (Kalemyo)  · Kalewa Township ( Kalewa) · Mingin Township ( Mingin) Katha District Banmauk Township (Banmauk)  · Indaw Township (Indaw)  · Katha Township (Katha)  · Kawlin Township (Kawlin)  · Pinlebu Township (Pinlebu)  · Htigyaing Township (Htigyaing)  · Wuntho Township ( Wuntho) Mawlaik District Mawlaik Township (Mawlaik)  · Paungbyin Township (Paungbyin) Monywa District Ayadaw Township (Ayadaw)  · Budalin Township ( Budalin)  · Chaung-U Township ( Chaung-U)  · Kani Township (Kani)  · Monywa Township (Monywa)  · Pale Township (Pale)  · Salingyi Township (Salingyi)  · Tabayin Township (Tabayin)  · Yinmabin Township (Yinmabin) Sagaing District Myaung Township (Myaung)  · Myinmu Township ( Myinmu)  · Sagaing Township (Sagaing) Shwebo District Kanbalu Township (Kanbalu) · Khin-U Township (Khin-U) · Kyunhla Township ( Kyunhla)  · Shwebo Township (Shwebo)  · Taze Township (Taze)  · Wetlet Township (Wetlet)  · Ye-U Township (Ye-U) Tamu District Tamu Township (Tamu) Naga Self-Administered Zone Lahe Township (Lahe)  · Leshi Township (Leshi) · Nanyun Township ( Nanyun)