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Grande Fratello  ◄ ►  Season 3 (2003) Housemates Name Entered Exited       Floriana Day 1 Day 99 Victoria Day 1  Day 99    Luca Day 1  Day 99    Franco Day 71  Day 99    Marianella Day 1  Day 92    Claudia Day 1  Day 85    Manila Day 71  Day 78    Pasquale Day 1  Day 78    Fedro Day 1  Day 67    Angela Day 1  Day 57    Andrea Day 1  Day 43    Raffaello Day 8  Day 36    Sergio Day 1  Day 29    Marika Day 1  Day 15    Massimo Day 8  Day 8    Erika Day 1  Day 1    Winner Runner-Up Evicted Walked The Third Edition of Grande Fratello marked a turning point in the way the show was produced when compared to previous seasons. The size of the House was increased to almost 3,500 square feet (330 m2) and was made almost entirely of glass. Contents 1 Luxury Suite 2 Nominations 3 Housemates 3.1 Andrea 3.2 Angela 3.3 Claudia 3.4 Erika 3.5 Fedro 3.6 Floriana 3.7 Franco 3.8 Luca 3.9 Manila 3.10 Marianella 3.11 Marika 3.12 Massimo 3.13 Pasquale 3.14 Raffaello 3.15 Sergio 3.16 Victoria 4 Nominations Table Luxury Suite This Season saw the introduction of a luxury suite; a soft room filled with every luxury that the Housemates were not allowed in the Main House. Every Week the winner of a task would be allowed access to this room, along with one Housemate of their choice. The winner of this task was also allowed to purchase some gifts for themselves or their companion, from the prize fund (up to 300,000 euros this year). Nominations This year the Nominations process was changed - unlike previous years this year the Housemates would each week Nominate three of their fellow Housemates for Eviction - rather than two as in previous years. Housemates Twelve Housemates entered the Big Brother House on opening night, with four Housemates joining later. These Housemates consist of: Andrea Andrea Francolino was born on 27 April 1979. He was born in Matera and works as an artist, painter and sculptor. In the House Andrea was linked with Phaedrus, and also became the protagonist of a violent dispute against Pasquale, which cost him a lot of support and saw him Evicted upon his first Nomination. In the House he also began a relationship with Claudia, a relationship which continued outside of the House and finished in 2006 when Andrea decided to live in Milan to continue his art-job. Angela Angela Sozio was born in Primogentia on 12 March 1973. She was born into a wealthy family, and at the age of eighteen enrolled on a course in accountancy, eventually getting a job at the Faculty of Economy and Trade in Bari. She is very energetic, enjoys dancing and photography, as well as having a keen interest in fast cars and motorcycles. She has two tattoos, including one on her wrist, and whilst in the House formed a very strong friendship with both Floriana and Fedro. After being Evicted she became a popular figure on Italian Television. Claudia Claudia Bormioli, born on 4 August 1977 in Macerata is an ex student in Communication Sciences, but now works as a singer for her own enjoyment. In the House she began a relationship with Andrea, which has since continued outside of the House. Erika Erika Terzi was born on 12 February 1976, her surname meaning "third" in Italian. She dreams of being a celebrity, but was the first to be Evicted after losing the ballot against Marika. Fedro Fedro Francioni, the owner of two testing laboratories, was born on 26 July 1969. In the House he becam a leader and authority figure, but despite his position of respect within the House began to argue with Floriana and Pasquale, who became his main protagonists. After sixty-seven days in the House Fedro Voluntarily Walked after hearing of the death of his Aunt. Floriana Floriana Secondi was born on 5 May 1977 and is a bartender and waitress, whilst also enjoying athletic sports and holding an interest in black and ethnic music genres. Coming from a broken home and poor upbringing Floriana attributes her stay at college in sorting out her life. In the House Floriana received a record number of Nominations, with forty-four in total, but despite this eventually emerged as the winner on Day 99. Since leaving the House Floriana has opened a chain of nightclubs, and had a child. Franco Franco Biccica, born on 10 December 1974 in Tuscany, is the owner of a chain of clothing retail outlets. He entered the House on Day 71 to replace Fedro with his girlfriend Manila. Franco eventually made it to the final four - finishing in fourth place with 2% of the Vote, as the time in which the audience had to get to know Franco was very short. Luca Luca Argentero, a bartender and economics and business graduate, born on 12 April 1978, currently works as a model and actor. In the House Luca got on very well with all the Housemates - this low profile helped him to slide to the final, where he finished in third place with 9% of the Public Vote. Manila Manila Barbati, a dance teacher from Milan was born on 16 September 1974. She entered the House on Day 71 with her boyfriend Franco, but was Evicted after only a Week. Marianella Marianella Bargilli, a model, was born on 27 February 1971. Marianella was the second of four sisters in an entirely female family after her Dad left to live in Brazil. She has worked both as a model and spokeswoman for Napapijiri brand clothing in Bologna. Since 2000 she has lived in Rome. Marika Marika Suppa, born on 21 September 1976, was born in Bari, but moved to Milan as a young girl. Before entering the House she worked as a waitress in a bar. She was the first Housemate to be Evicted by Public Vote. Massimo Massimo Zino, born on 9 July 1977 is a law student from Romano. He was in the House only a few minutes before losing the Public Vote between him and Raphael. Pasquale Pasquale Laricchia, born on 4 August 1972 is a personal trainer from Milan. He entered the House along with his girlfriend Victoria. Their situation proved detrimental to them, however, as they ended up being Nominated together six times out of nine. He became popular with the Public in the House because of his cheeky sense of humour and hilarious proverbs and unsolicited advice. He eventually lost out and was Evicted on Day 78, when Nominated against three competitors who ended up all finishing in the top three. In the House he promised to marry Victoria, but this never happened as the couple split up after leaving the House, but remain good friends. Raffaello Rafaello Orselli, born on 13 June 1966 is a skipper. He entered the House after one Week after winning the Public Vote against Massimo. Despite his attractiveness Raphael was shy and remained on the outskirts of the House for the duration of his stay, which lead to the Public Evicting him upon their first opportunity. Sergio Sergio Squillacciotti, born on 3 April 1970, worked in a cigarette factory before entering the House. In the House he clashed with Marianella, Andrea and Luca. Victoria Victoria Pennington, an American born in Texas but raised in Alabama entered the House on Day One along with her boyfriend Pasquale. After visiting Italy Victoria fell in love with the country as well as Pasquale, and permanently moved there in order to spend more time with him. In the House Victoria and Pasquale proved unpopular with their Housemates - facing the vote together six times before Pasquale was Evicted, but their devotion to one another saving them from Eviction. After Pasquale's Eviction Victoria opened up more and eventually managed to make it to the final, where she polled second place. She survived 8 evictions, the most in the history of Grande Fratello. Nominations Table Week 1 Week 2 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 8 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 FINAL Week 14 Day 1 Day 8 Noms New H/M Floriana Erika No Nominations Marianella, Pasquale, Victoria Marianella, Sergio, Victoria Claudia, Marianella, Raffaello Andrea, Claudia, Marianella Fedro, Pasquale, Victoria Fedro, Luca, Marianella Luca, Pasquale, Victoria No Nominations Luca, Marianella, Victoria Luca, Marianella, Victoria Winner (Day 99) Victoria Erika No Nominations Andrea, Floriana, Mairka Andrea, Fedro, Floriana Claudia, Fedro, Luca Andrea, Claudia, Marianella Angela, Fedro, Floriana Claudia, Fedro, Marianella Floriana, Luca, Marianella No Nominations Claudia, Floriana, Luca Franco, Luca, Marianella Runner-Up (Day 99) Luca Marika No Nominations Claudia, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Pasquale, Raffaello, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Claudia, Floriana, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria No Nominations Claudia, Franco, Victoria Floriana, Franco, Victoria Third place (Day 99) Franco Not In House Exempt Nominated Claudia, Floriana, Marianella Luca, Marianela, Victoria Fourth place (Day 99) Marianella Erika No Nominations Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Angela, Floriana, Pasquale Pasquale, Raffaello, Victoria Angela, Pasquale, Victoria Angela, Floriana, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria No Nominations Floriana, Franco, Victoria Floriana, Franco, Victoria Evicted (Day 92) Claudia Erika No Nominations Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Angela, Floriana, Pasquale Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria No Nominations Floriana, Franco, Victoria Evicted (Day 85) Manila Not In House Exempt Nominated Evicted (Day 78) Pasquale Erika No Nominations Andrea, Floriana, Marika Fedro, Floriana, Sergio Claudia, Fedro, Raffaello Andrea, Claudia, Fedro Angela, Fedro, Floriana Fedro, Luca, Marianella Floriana, Luca, Marianella Evicted (Day 78) Fedro Erika No Nominations Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Claudia, Floriana, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Walked (Day 67) Angela Marika No Nominations Luca, Marianella, Pasquale Fedro, Marianella, Sergio Claudia, Fedro, Raffaello Andrea, Claudia, Marianella Marianella, Pasquale, Victoria Evicted (Day 57) Andrea Erika No Nominations Floriana, Marika, Pasquale Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Evicted (Day 43) Raffaello Not In House Nominated Exempt Floriana, Pasquale, Sergio Angela, Floriana, Pasquale Evicted (Day 36) Sergio Erika No Nominations Marika, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Evicted (Day 29) Marika Nominated No Nominations Luca, Pasquale, Victoria Evicted (Day 15) Massimo Not In House Nominated Evicted (Day 8) Erika Nominated Evicted (Day 1) Notes 1 2 3 4 5 - - 6 - 7 - - 8 Walked - - - - - Fedro - - Nominated For Eviction Erika, Marika Massimo, Raffaello Floriana, Marika, Victoria Floriana, Pasquale, Sergio Claudia, Pasquale, Raffaello, Victoria Andrea, Claudia, Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Angela, Fedro, Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Fedro, Marianella, Floriana, Pasquale, Victoria Floriana, Luca, Pasquale, Victoria Franco, Manila Claudia, Floriana, Franco, Victoria Franco, Luca, Marianella, Victoria Floriana, Franco, Luca, Victoria Evicted Erika 8 of 10 Votes Massimo 34% to save Marika 46% to evict Sergio 57% to evict Raffaello 44% to evict Andrea 39% to evict Angela 33% to evict Eviction Cancelled Pasquale 33% to evict Manila Voluntary Eviction Claudia 47% to evict Marianella 69% to evict Franco 2% to win Luca 9% to win Victoria 33% to win Floriana 56% to win ^1 On Day One Erika and Marika were Nominated by Big Brother. A jury of their fellow Housemates voted, as Erika was Evicted. ^2 On Day Eight Massimo and Raffaello entered the House and the Public had to Vote for one of them to stay. ^3 Victoria won the weekly task and chose Pasquale to be immune from Nomination. ^4 Pasquale won the weekly task and chose Victoria to be immune from Nomination. ^5 Floriana won the weekly task and chose herself to be immune from Nomination. ^6 After Fedro left the House after learning of his Aunt's Death, the Eviction this Week was cancelled. ^7 Couple Franco and Manila entered the House together, and after a Week had to choose one of them to leave. Manila chose to be the one to leave and left the House immediately. v · d · eBig Brother Italy Big Brother seasons Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5 | Season 6 | Season 7 | Season 8 | Season 9 | Season 10 | Season 11 Winners Cristina Plevani · Flavio Montrucchio · Floriana Secondi · Serena Garitta · Jonathan Kashanian · Augusto De Megni · Milo Coretti · Mario Ferretti · Ferdi Berisa · Mauro Marin Main presenters Current: Alessia Marcuzzi Previous: Daria Bigniardi · Barbara D'Urso · Marco Liorni Related articles Big Brother · Canale 5 · Endemol · John de Mol v · d · eBig Brother Americas Argentina • Brazil • Canada • Colombia • Ecuador • Mexico • United States Location of different versions of Big Brother. 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