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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2006) "Sweet Sir Galahad" is a song written by Joan Baez, which she famously performed at Woodstock in 1969; (though not for the first time, as often believed, as she had previously performed it on the 23rd episode of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in April of the same year) and subsequently included it on her 1970 album One Day at a Time. The song tells the story of Baez' younger sister Mimi Fariña and her second marriage to Milan Melvin (the two were married at the 1969 Big Sur Folk Festival) after the 1966 death of Fariña's first husband, novelist and singer-songwriter Richard Fariña. Baez was inspired to write the song, after hearing of Melvin's courtship of Fariña, during which he came into her bedroom at night through the window. It has since become one of Baez's most well-known compositions. In 2006, Baez contributed a "re-tooled" version of the song to volume one of the XM Artist Confidential CD series, available at Starbucks. In the new version, Baez briefly changes the lyric "Here's to the dawn of their days" to "Here's to the dawn of her days," a tribute to the song's subject, Baez's sister Mimi, who had died in 2001. Milan Melvin, "Sir Galahad" also died in 2001. A live version of the song appears as a bonus track on the 2006 reissue Baez' 1995 live album Ring Them Bells. It should not be confused with the Sir Galahad song by Rick Wakeman.