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Nazi Agent Directed by Jules Dassin Produced by Irving Asher Written by Paul Gangelin John Meehan Jr. Lothar Mendes Starring Conrad Veidt Anne Ayars Frank Reicher Cinematography Harry Stradling Sr. Editing by Frank E. Hull Release date(s) 21 January 1942 Running time 83 minutes Country United States Language English Nazi Agent is a 1942 spy film directed by Jules Dassin. It stars Conrad Veidt playing identical twins, one loyal to the United States (U.S.), the other a dedicated German Nazi. Though only a modest B feature, this film (along with Michael Powell's Contraband) are two of the few films showing Veidt playing a totally heroic and positive character. Plot The U.S. has not yet entered World War II when kindly stamp dealer Otto Becker (Conrad Veidt) is unexpectedly visited by his twin brother, Baron Hugo von Detner (also played by Veidt), the new German consul to the U.S. and one of the leaders of a spy ring engaged in sabotage. The brothers have not seen each other in years, but now von Detner wants to use Becker's shop to transmit and receive secret messages. Becker refuses, until von Detner threatens to have him deported back to Germany as an illegal immigrant and reveals that Becker's assistant, Miss Harper (Dorothy Tree), is actually a German agent. Becker becomes a prisoner in his own store, watched constantly. When he gives his good friend and fellow stamp enthusiast, Professor Jim Sterling (Ivan F. Simpson), a message to go to the police, Sterling is killed in a "traffic accident". Von Detner then appears to deal with the betrayal by his brother; the two men struggle and the Nazi is shot dead. Thinking quickly, Becker assumes von Detner's identity. Nobody detects the substitution except Fritz (Frank Reicher), an old family servant and lately von Detner's butler. However, he is faithful to Becker and keeps his secret. Meanwhile, Becker starts feeding what he learns to the police via anonymous telephone calls. Becker becomes acquainted with Kaaren De Relle (Anne Ayars). She had been a loyal German secret agent, but has become disillusioned by what she has seen and now only goes on with her duties to protect her family still in Germany. In addition, she had spurned von Detner's advances in the past. However, she finds the baron changed and for the better. Information provided by Becker foils a plot to blow up a freighter loaded with explosive chemicals in the Panama Canal. He also learns the names of German agents working in America; he mails the list, omitting De Relle's name, to the FBI. Eventually, Becker is unmasked by the Germans. When Kurt Richten (Martin Kosleck), von Detner's aide at the embassy, threatens to notify the authorities that De Relle is a spy, Becker makes a deal with him. He sails for Germany in exchange for her safety. Cast Conrad Veidt as Otto Becker/Baron Hugo von Detner Anne Ayars as Kaaren De Relle Frank Reicher as Fritz Dorothy Tree as Miss Harper Ivan F. Simpson as Professor Sterling Martin Kosleck as Kurt Richten Marc Lawrence as Joe Aiello Sidney Blackmer as Arnold Milbar Moroni Olsen as Brenner Pierre Watkin as Grover McHenry External links Nazi Agent at the Internet Movie Database Nazi Agent at the TCM Movie Database Nazi Agent at Allmovie v • d • e The films of Jules Dassin 1940s The Tell-Tale Heart • Nazi Agent • The Affairs of Martha • Reunion in France • Young Ideas • The Canterville Ghost • Two Smart People • A Letter for Evie • Brute Force • The Naked City • Thieves' Highway 1950s Night and the City • Rififi • He Who Must Die • The Law 1960s Never on Sunday • Phaedra • Topkapi • 10:30 P.M. Summer • Hamilchama al hashalom • Up Tight! 1970s Promise at Dawn • The Rehearsal • A Dream of Passion 1980s Circle of Two