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M1 M1 Магістраль М1 Route information Part of E30 Length: 611 km (380 mi) Major junctions Southwest end: Brest Northeast end: Border of Russia Location Major cities: Brest, Baranavichy, Minsk, Barysaw, Orsha Highway system Belarusian road system The M1 near Orsha The M1 (Belarusian: Магістраль М1), Magistral Route Nr. 1, olimpijka (Russian: олимпийка) [1] is a main road crossing Belarus. It forms a part of European route E30 and is the most important road link in the country, connecting Moscow to the east with Poland and Western Europe. Running from east to west, the road runs from the Russian frontier via Orsha, Barysaw, Minsk, the capital, and Baranovichi to the Polish frontier at Brest. It follows the country's main transit axis, running parallel with the main Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow railway line. Between Orsha and Brest, a stretch of approximately 560 km (350 miles), the M1 has been upgraded with a high-quality surface. Distance (approx.) Name Other roads  Poland 68 E30 0 km Kazlovichy (border crossing) 8 km Brest Р16 9 km Brest Р83 21 km Brest 35 km Zhabinka Р7 56 km Kobryn М12 E85 65 km Kobryn М10 81 km Р81 114 km Biaroza Р84 150 km Ivatsevichy Р6 176 km Р43 Р2 E85 202 km Р2 E85 213 km Baranavichy Р108 222 km Baranavichy Р5 262 km Garadzeya, Niasvizh Р11 271 km Stowptsy Р64 282 km Stowptsy Р54 293 km Stowptsy Р2 E85 322 km Dzyarzhynsk Р1 Р65 346 km Minsk Р23 366 km Minsk М4 М5 E271 387 km Minsk, Minsk International Airport М2 397 km Smalyavichy Р69 399 km Smalyavichy Р59 420 km Zhodzina 437 km Barysaw Р67 449 km Barysaw Р53 469 km Krupki Р19 492 km Krupki Р62 521 km Talachyn Р26 535 km Talachyn Р19 557 km Orsha Р15 574 km Orsha М8 E95 Р87 588 km Dubrowna Р22 611 km Red'ky (border crossing)  Russia M1 E30 Notes ^ v · d · eHighways in Belarus National highways M1 • M2 • M3 • M4 • M5 • M6 • M7 • M8 • M9 • M10 • M11 • M12 European routes E28 • E30 • E85 • E95 • E271