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Srpenica Srpenica Location in Slovenia Coordinates: 46°17′28.42″N 13°29′57.24″E / 46.2912278°N 13.4992333°E / 46.2912278; 13.4992333Coordinates: 46°17′28.42″N 13°29′57.24″E / 46.2912278°N 13.4992333°E / 46.2912278; 13.4992333 Country Slovenia Region Slovenian Littoral Municipality Bovec Area  - Total 13.23 km2 (5.1 sq mi) Elevation 363.9 m (1,194 ft) Population (2002)  - Total 177 [1] Srpenica is a village on the right bank of the river Soča in the Bovec Municipality in the Littoral region of Slovenia. The Parish Church in the settlement is dedicated to Saint Florian. References ^ Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia External links Srpenica at Geopedia v • d • e Bovec Towns and villages Administrative Centre: Bovec, Bavšica, Čezsoča, Kal - Koritnica, Lepena, Log Čezsoški, Log pod Mangartom, Plužna, Soča, Srpenica, Strmec na Predelu, Trenta, Žaga Landmarks Soča River, Boka Waterfall, Kanin Ski Resort, Bovec Military Cemetery, Soča Military Cemetery, Kugy Monument, Church of Saint Ulrich, Church of Saint Leonard, Log pod Mangartom Mosque, Trenta valley, Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden Notable people Vasja Klavora, Anton Ocvirk, Ferdo Kravanja This article about the Municipality of Bovec in Slovenia is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e