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The World Wreckers   Cover of the first edition Author(s) Marion Zimmer Bradley Cover artist Frank Kelly Freas Country United States Language English Series Darkover Genre(s) Science fiction novel Publisher Ace Books Publication date 1971 Media type Print (Paperback) Pages 189 pp ISBN NA OCLC Number 17399780 The World Wreckers is a science fiction novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley in her Darkover book series. It was first published by Ace Books in 1971. Plot introduction The novel concerns a group of entrepreneurs who are hired to sabotage the ecology of Darkover so that the planet will be dependant on imports. Publication history 1971, USA, Ace Books OCLC 17399780, Pub date 1971, Paperback 1973, Germany, Terra Astra, Pub date January 1973, Magazine, in German as Die Weltenzerstörer 1979, USA, Gregg Press ISBN 0839825153, Pub date 1979, Hardcover 1987, UK, Arrow Books ISBN 0-09-919950-5, Pub date April 1987, Paperback 1989, UK, Severn House ISBN 0-7278-1754-X, Pub date June 1989, Hardcover References The World Wreckers publication history at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Breen, Walter (1979). The Darkover Concordance; A Reader's Guide. Berkely, CA: Pennyfarthing Press. pp. 152–153. ISBN 0-930800-07-9.  Brown, Charles N.; William G. Contento (2007-11-20). "The Locus Index to Science Fiction (1984-1998)". Retrieved 2008-10-20.  Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover books The Founding Darkover Landfall The Ages of Chaos Stormqueen! | Thunderlord! | The Fall of Neskaya | Zandru's Forge | Hawkmistress! | A Flame in Hali The Hundred Kingdoms Two to Conquer | The Heirs of Hammerfell Recontact Rediscovery | The Shattered Chain | The Spell Sword | The Forbidden Tower | Thendara House | City of Sorcery | Star of Danger | The Winds of Darkover After the Comyn The Bloody Sun | The Door Through Space | Falcons of Narabedla | The Sword of Aldones | The Heritage of Hastur | The Planet Savers | Sharra's Exile The World Wreckers | The Hastur Lord | Exile's Song | The Shadow Matrix | Traitor's Sun | The Alton Gift | The Children of Kings Anthologies and Collections The Keeper's Price | Sword of Chaos | Free Amazons of Darkover | The Other Side of the Mirror | Red Sun of Darkover | Four Moons of Darkover Domains of Darkover | Renunciates of Darkover | Leroni of Darkover | Towers of Darkover | Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover | Snows of Darkover This box: view · talk · edit