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The J-class yacht Ranger successfully defended the 1937 America's Cup, defeating the British challenger Endeavour II 4-0 at Newport, Rhode Island. It was the last time J-class yachts would race for the America's Cup. Contents 1 Construction 2 Specifications 3 Replica 4 References 5 External links Construction Harold Stirling Vanderbilt funded construction of the Ranger, and she was launched on May 11, 1937. She was designed by Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens, and constructed by Bath Iron Works. Stephens would credit Burgess with actually designing the Ranger, but the radical departure from conventional J-class design was more likely attributable to Stephens himself. Geerd Hendel, Burgess's chief draftsman also had a hand in drawing many of the plans. Ranger was constructed according to the Universal Rule which determined how large various dimensions of racing yachts, such as sail area and length, could be. Often referred to as the "super J", the Ranger received a rating of 76, the maximum allowed while still fitting within Universal Rule constraints. Specifications Overall length: 135 ft 2 inches[1] Length at water line: 87 ft (27 m) Beam (width): 20 ft 10 inches Draft: 15 ft (4.6 m) Displacement: 166 tons Comparison of 87–90 ft America's Cup contenders: Year LOA LWL Sail Area Mast height Displacement Reliance 1903 43.89 m (144.0 ft) 27.43 m (90.0 ft) 1,501 m2 (16,160 sq ft) 67.05 m (220.0 ft) 189 tons Ranger 1937 41.15 m (135.0 ft) 26.51 m (87.0 ft) 701 m2 (7,550 sq ft) 46.98 m (154.1 ft) 166 tons KZ1 1988 36.57 m (120.0 ft) 27.43 m (90.0 ft) 627 m2 (6,750 sq ft) 46.78 m (153.5 ft) 39 tons USA-17 2010 34.5 m (113 ft) 27.43 m (90.0 ft) 1,270 m2 (13,700 sq ft) 68 m (223 ft) 18 tons Replica Construction of a replica of Ranger was started at Danish Yacht Boatyard in early 2002 and was completed in late December 2003. The original designs were used as the basis for the new boat but were updated to conform to the latest safety regulations and the requirement of the owner to cross oceans in comfort. References ^ "America's Cup Winner A Marvel In Design". Popular Mechanics: pp.486–487. 1937-08.  External links Specifications & Photos of Ranger - SYT Geerd Hendel plan drawings for Ranger at Mystic Seaport Classic Boat's History of the J Class J-class yacht history