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Reddit URL Slogan The front page of the internet[1] Commercial? Yes Type of site News aggregation, general discussion and advice forum Registration Optional to browse; required to participate Available language(s) English, Esperanto, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish[2] Content license Non-free[3] Owner Advance Publications via Condé Nast Publications Created by Steve Huffman Alexis Ohanian Launched 2005 (2005) Alexa rank 128 (August 2011[update])[4] Current status Active reddit (pronounced /ˈɹɛdɪt/ "red it")[5] is a social news website, owned by Condé Nast Digital, a subsidiary of Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. Users have the option to submit links to content on the Internet or submit "self" posts that contain original, user-submitted text. Other users may then vote the posted links "up" or "down" with the most successful links gaining prominence by reaching the front page. In addition, users can comment on the posted links and reply to other commentators consequently forming an online community. Reddit users (also referred to as redditors) may create their own topical sections, known informally as subreddits and officially as reddits, for which to submit their links and to comment, while appealing to a specific niche.[6][7][8][9] Contents 1 Overview 1.1 Reddits 1.2 Reddit Meetups 2 History 2.1 Open source 2.2 Growth 2.3 Reddit Gold 3 Demographics 4 "Restoring Truthiness" Campaign 5 Awards 6 Technology 6.1 Mobile web 6.2 Client interface applications 6.3 Search 7 Notable community contributions 8 See also 9 References 10 External links Overview The appearance of submissions on the front page is determined by the age of the submission, positive to negative feedback ratio and the total vote count.[10] The submissions which appear on the front page can be customized by the user, who can subscribe or unsubscribe to any number of communities. Dozens of submissions cycle through the front page daily. Mister Splashy Pants logo used on November 27, 2007 The site also has discussion areas in which users may discuss submissions and vote for or against other people's comments. The most popular comments rise to the top by default. Comments that were strongly voted down by users are not displayed, although the reader can display them by clicking an additional link or by changing the preferences. As of June 2011[update], these discussion areas are particularly active, often generating hundreds of comments per submission. Popular comments are seen by thousands of users, and are often the basis for new submissions.[citation needed] This process has generated many memes within the Reddit community.[citation needed] Reddits Reddit allows users to create communities called "reddits" (often referred to as "subreddits"), which focus on specific interests or organizations. There are 67,000+ reddits to peruse, and popular examples include, but are not limited to: Pics Programming Science Trees Politics Gaming AskReddit World News Registered users may customize which reddits appear on the front page of the site, providing an experience more tailored to their interests. Reddit Meetups The Reddit community has been known to socialize at local parks and bars around the world.[11] History Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, both 22-year-old graduates of the University of Virginia.[7] It received its initial funding from Y Combinator. The team expanded to include Christopher Slowe in 2005. Aaron Swartz joined in late January 2006 as part of the company's merger with Swartz's Infogami.[12] Condé Nast Publications, owner of Wired, acquired Reddit on October 31, 2006.[13] Shortly thereafter, Swartz was fired.[14] Open source On June 18, 2008, Reddit became an open source project.[15] With the exception of the anti-spam/cheating portions, all of the code and libraries written for Reddit became freely available on Github.[16] Growth By the end of 2008, the team had grown to include Erik Martin, Jeremy Edberg,[17] David King,[18] and Mike Schiraldi.[19] In 2009, Huffman and Ohanian moved on to form Hipmunk, recruiting Slowe shortly thereafter.[20] Reddit Gold In July 2010, facing severe underfunding despite explosive traffic growth, Reddit introduced Reddit Gold, offering new features for a price of US$3.99/month or US$29.99/year.[21] The revenue and attention got them approval to buy more servers and hire more people. Demographics According to Google DoubleClick Ad Planner's estimate, the median U.S. Reddit user is male, 35-44 years of age, has some college education, and is making a middle-range income of $25,000 - $49,000 USD. The analysis also shows that the top audience interests of the site are development tools, scripting languages, and C and C++, suggesting a computer savvy demographic and culture.[22] "Restoring Truthiness" Campaign In September 2010, Reddit users started a movement to persuade Stephen Colbert to have a rally in Washington DC.[23] The movement was started by user mrsammercer, in a post where he describes waking up from a dream in which Stephen Colbert holds a satirical rally in D.C.[24] He writes, "This would be the high water mark of American satire. Half a million people pretending to suspend all rational thought in unison. Perfect harmony. It'll feel like San Francisco in the late 60s, only we won't be able to get any acid." The idea resonated with the Reddit community, which launched a campaign to bring the event to life. Over $500,000 was raised for charity to gain the attention of Colbert. The campaign was mentioned on-air several times and when the rallies were held in Washington, D.C. on October 30th, thousands of redditors made the journey.[25] During a post-rally press conference, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian asked, "What role did the Internet campaign play in convincing you to hold this rally?" Jon Stewart responded by saying that, though it was a very nice gesture, the two had already thought of the idea prior and the deposit on using the National Mall was already paid during the summer, so it acted mostly as a "validation of what we were thinking about attempting."[26] In a message to the reddit community, Colbert later added, "I have no doubt that your efforts to organize and the joy you clearly brought to your part of the story contributed greatly to the turnout and success."[27] Awards In May 2010, Reddit is named in Lead411's "2010 Hottest San Francisco Companies" list.[28] Technology Reddit was originally written in Common Lisp but was rewritten in Python in 2005.[29] The reasons given for the switch were faster performance, wider access to code libraries, and greater development flexibility. The Python web framework that former Reddit employee Aaron Swartz developed to run the site,, is now available as an open-source project.[30] Reddit currently uses Pylons as its web framework.[31] As of November 2009[update], Reddit has decommissioned their physical servers and migrated to Amazon Web Services.[32] Reddit uses PostgreSQL as primary datastore and slowly moving to Apache Cassandra, a column oriented datastore. It uses RabbitMQ for offline processing, HAProxy for load balancing and memcached for caching. In early 2009, Reddit started using jQuery.[33] Mobile web On June 7, 2010, Reddit staff launched a revamped mobile interface featuring rewritten CSS, a new color scheme, and a multitude of improvements.[34] Client interface applications There are several unofficial applications that use the Reddit API, including reddit is fun,[35] Andreddit,[36] F5, BaconReader,[37] and an Android tablet specific application called Reddita.[38] Search On July 21, 2010, Reddit out-sourced the reddit search engine to Flaptor, who used its search product IndexTank.[39] Notable community contributions In early December of 2010, the members of the Christianity subreddit and the Atheism subreddit came together to cross-promote[40] fundraising drives for World Vision's Clean Water Fund and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), respectively. Later, the Islam subreddit joined in, raising money for Islamic Relief. In less than a week, the three communities (as well as the reddit community at-large) raised over $45,000 for charity.[41] In early October 2010, a story was posted on Reddit about a seven-year-old girl, Kathleen Edwards, who was in the advanced stages of Huntington’s disease. The girl's neighbors were taunting her and her family. Redditors banded together and gave the girl a shopping spree.[42][43] Reddit started the largest Secret Santa program in the world, which is still in operation to date. For the 2010 Holiday season, 92 countries were involved in the Secret Santa program. There were 17,543 participants, and $662,907.60 was collectively spent on gift purchases and shipping costs. [44][45][46] Members from reddit donated nearly $575,000 to DonorsChoose in support of Stephen Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive. The donation spree broke previous records for the most money donated to a single cause by the reddit community and resulted in an interview with Colbert on reddit.[47] Reddit users donated $185,356.70 to Direct Relief International for Haiti after the earthquake devastated the island in January, 2010.[48] See also Digg Diigo Delicious Fark Imgur StumbleUpon Slashdot Social bookmarking Social news Web 2.0 References ^ "". Retrieved January 23, 2011.  ^ Netcraft list of subdomains ^ " help". Retrieved January 23, 2011.  ^ " Site Info". Alexa Internet. Retrieved 2011-08-04.  ^ help ^ Nations, Daniel. "A Review of Reddit". Web Trends. Retrieved 3 September 2010.  ^ a b Adams, Richard (2005-12-08). "". The Guardian.,,1660870,00.html. Retrieved 2006-12-23.  ^ "Reddit FAQ". Retrieved 2010-12-19.  ^ " help". Retrieved 27 June 2011.  ^ "reddit algorithm".  ^ "Reddit Worldwide Meetups" ^ Swartz, Aaron (February 27, 2006). "Introducing Infogami". Infogami. 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Retrieved 2011-02-12.  ^ Restoring Truthiness Giving Page ^ Direct Relief International: Support Us - Tributes: External links Wikinews has related news: Helen Thomas probes White House on torture; online community sends flowers Reddit Fixxit (Reddit's code repository) Reddit's job board Alien Logo Archive v · d · eAdvance Publications Newspapers The Birmingham News · The Huntsville Times · Press-Register · The Plain Dealer · The Republican · Mississippi Press · The Express-Times · The Post-Standard · The Star-Ledger · The Times · The Jersey Journal · Gloucester County Times · The News of Cumberland County · Today's Sunbeam · The Hunterdon County Democrat · The Warren Reporter · Somerset Reporter · Independent Press · Suburban News · Record-Press · Cranford Chronicle · The Times-Picayune · The Oregonian · The Hillsboro Argus · The Patriot-News · Staten Island Advance · Sun Newspapers Booth Newspapers · The Bay City Times · Flint Journal · The Grand Rapids Press · Jackson Citizen Patriot · Kalamazoo Gazette · Muskegon Chronicle · The Saginaw News · Lakeshore Press · Advance Newspapers · Community Newspapers · Valley Publishing Company Condé Nast Publications Allure · Architectural Digest · Bon Appétit · Brides · Condé Nast Traveler · Details · Easy Living · Glamour · Golf Digest · Golf World · GQ · House & Garden · Lucky · Men's Vogue · Self · Tatler · Teen Vogue · The New Yorker · Vanity Fair · Vogue · W · Wired Fairchild Fashion Group Footwear News · · Women's Wear Daily American City Business Journals American City Business Journals · Hemmings Motor News · Inside Lacrosse · NASCAR Illustrated · Sporting News · Sports Business Daily · Sports Business Journal · Other properties Parade · Religion News Service Condé Nast Digital Allure · Architectural Digest · Ars Technica · Bon Appétit · Brides · Condé Nast Traveler · Concierge · Epicurious · Glamour · Golf Digest · Golf World · GQ · Hotel Chatter · Jaunted · Lucky · Nutrition Data · Reddit · Self · Teen Vogue · The New Yorker · The Sartorialist · Vanity Fair · Vegas Chatter · Vogue · W · Wired · Your Prom Bright House Networks Bay News 9 · Central Florida News 13 · Bright House Sports Network Defunct properties Ann Arbor News / Livingston Community News · Cookie · Gourmet · Jane · Mademoiselle · WomenSports magazine · WWOR EMI Service · YM