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Kyle Pascoe Gary Lucy as Kyle Pascoe First appearance Getting a Result (episode 1.01) Last appearance (episode 3.09) Created by Maureen Chadwick Ann McManus Portrayed by Gary Lucy Information Gender Male Occupation Footballer Family Jackie Pascoe-Webb (mother) Patrick "Paddy" Pascoe (adoptive son and half-brother) Spouse(s) Elaine Hardy (ex-girlfriend) Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe (wife, deceased) Sheena Hamelton (stalker, deceased) Children Patrick "Paddy" Pascoe (adoptive son and half-brother) Relatives Roger Webb (stepfather, deceased) Kyle Patrick Pascoe is a fictional character in the ITV British drama Footballers' Wives, played by English actor Gary Lucy. Contents 1 Series 1 2 Series 2 3 Series 3 4 Jackie in Australia with Kyle (Series 5 finale) 5 External links Series 1 Kyle is engaged to Chardonnay Lane, who gave him an early wedding present of a race horse. Chardonnay was set on fire at her hen party, and did not want to proceed with the wedding, although she later relented. Soon after she cut her hair extremely short and had a breakdown. Kyle met Sheena Hamleton at a bar and flirted. Chardonnay later fainted in a sauna. When the hospital rang Chardonnay to tell a Mrs Pascoe she was pregnant, Chardonnay and Kyle were overjoyed. However it later turned out to be his mum Jackie Pascoe who was pregnant. Jackie convinced him and Chardonnay to raise the baby as their own. So Kyle, Chardonnay and Jackie left for America to have the baby out of the press limelight. Series 2 Kyle, Chardonnay and Jackie return from America with their son Patrick "Paddy" Pascoe. They have a barbecue with Tanya and Jason to show off their new son. While in the kitchen Jackie has a wet patch on her breast, leading Jason to realise that it is his and Jackie’s baby. Sheena drowns herself in Kyle’s pool, and he is arrested. The police release him when they receive evidence that she is a stalker. Jackie is caught breast-feeding Paddy, so Kyle throws her out. Kyle and Chardonnay have Paddy christened. When Jason finds out they have thrown Jackie out he decides that he and Jackie should look after the baby, so Jason steals Paddy. However Kyle and Chardonnay try to get him back. It is later revealed that Paddy is an intersexual baby and Jason no longer wants him, so Kyle and Chardonnay get Paddy back. Chardonnay later kills Jason when he tells Kyle he hopes Paddy dies. Series 3 The series opens at Chardonnay's funeral. She became depressed and anorexic because of the guilt of killing Jason. Kyle is made captain by Roger Webb after Jason is killed, until Conrad Gates is signed, who is then made captain. At Chardonnay's funeral, he asks Roger if Conrad was being signed, and Roger lies and tells him he isn't. When Kyle finds out the truth he is furious. Jackie later reveals that she and Roger are dating. He slaps his mum at two separate times, after the death of Chardonnay. His leg is later broken in a fight with a player from a rival team. He becomes hooked on gambling. He is given a woman physiotherapist, who he later became romantically involved with. He can't stand to be near Paddy as he brings back too many bad memories. His leg becomes better and he is able to dance at Harley and Shannon's wedding. At a day at the races, the horse Chardonnay bought him takes a fall, and is put down. Kyle becomes obsessed with gambling and attends an illegal fight club. As he needs to pay back money he owes. He later has to sell all the cars he bought himself, Jackie and Elaine. He is last seen running across the garden to get away from the police. In series 4, it is revelaed that he was arrested and sectioned. It is unknown what Elaine did when Kyle was sectioned. Jackie in Australia with Kyle (Series 5 finale) After he was sectioned Kyle moved to Sydney, Australia giving up footie and retired while trying to find himself. In the season five finale, Jackie went to live with Kyle after her husband, Roger Webb was killed by the sparks new chairman, Garry Ryan. External links Footballers Wives official site v · d · eFootballers' Wives Characters Tanya Turner · Jackie Webb · Hazel Bailey · Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe · Kyle Pascoe · Jason Turner · Frank Laslett · Eva de Wolffe · Amber Gates · Conrad Gates · Lucy Lockheart · Bruno Milligan · Shannon Donnelly-Lawson · Liberty Baker · Tremaine Gidigbi · Urszula Rosen Spinoffs Footballers' Wives: Extra Time · Football Wives Related articles Shed Productions · Bad Girls Episode list