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Cyathea apiculata Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Division: Pteridophyta Class: Pteridopsida Order: Cyatheales Family: Cyatheaceae Genus: Cyathea Subgenus: Cyathea Section: Alsophila Species: C. apiculata Binomial name Cyathea apiculata (Rosenstock) Domin, 1929 (republ. 1930) Synonyms Alsophila apiculata Rosenstock, 1914 Cyathea indrapurae Alderwerelt van Rosenburgh, 1918 Cyathea paleata Copeland, 1929 Cyathea apiculata is a species of tree fern native to Sumatra, where it grows in montane rain forest at an altitude of about 1800 m. The trunk is erect and usually 5 m tall or more. Fronds are bi- or tripinnate and 2-3 m long. The stipe is pale, becoming darker towards the base. It is covered with dark scales with pale, fragile edges. Sori occur near the midvein of fertile pinnules and are covered by thin, very fragile indusia. References Braggins, John E. & Large, Mark F. 2004. Tree Ferns. Timber Press, Inc., p. 96. ISBN 0-88192-630-2 The International Plant Names Index: Cyathea apiculata