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The Ouergha River (Berber: Asif n Wergha) is a watercourse in Morocco that is tributary to the Sebou River. Contents 1 History 2 Natural history 3 See also 4 Line notes 5 References History The Ouergha River was a key battle site in the French invasion of Morocco in the year 1924. The French, encouraging the fighting of native Moroccan tribes among each other, advanced with 12,000 troops to a crossing of the Ouergha and achieved a major victory here without a shot being fired.[1] Natural history In the upper parts of the watershed within the Middle Atlas is the prehistoric range of the endangered primate Barbary macaque, which animal prehistorically had a much larger range in North Africa.[2] See also Baht River Middle Atlas Line notes ^ William A. Hoisington. 2005 ^ C. Michael Hogan. 2008 References C. Michael Hogan. 2008. Barbary Macaque: Macaca sylvanus,, ed. N. Stromberg William A. Hoisington. 2005. Lyautey and the French conquest of Morocco This Morocco-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e