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Typical Euxine-Colchic forest in Strandzha, Bulgaria. The Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests ecoregion, in the Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests Biome, are located along the southern shore of the Black Sea. The ecoregion extends along the thin coastal strip from the southeastern corner of Bulgaria in the west, across northern Turkey, to Georgia in the east, where it wraps around the eastern end of the Black Sea. Contents 1 Sub-regions 1.1 Colchian forests 1.2 Euxinic forests 2 External links // Sub-regions The ecoregion is divided into two sub-regions. Colchian forests The Colchic or Colchian forests are found around the southeast corner of the Black Sea in Turkey and Georgia. The Colchian forests are mixed, with deciduous Black Alder (Alnus glutinosa), hornbeam (Carpinus betulus and C. orientalis), Oriental Beech (Fagus orientalis), and Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa), together with evergreen Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana, the tallest tree in Europe at 78m), Caucasian Spruce (Picea orientalis) and Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). The Colchic region has high rainfall, averaging 1,500-2,500 mm annually, with a maximum in excess of 4,000 mm, and is home to some of Europe's temperate rain forests. Euxinic forests The drier Euxine or Euxinic forests lie west of the Melet River, and extend across the Bosporus along the Black Sea coast of European Turkey to Bulgaria. The Euxine forests receive an average of 1,000 to 1,500 mm precipitation annually. Rare habitat types include coastal sand dunes and peatlands. External links World Wildlife Fund: Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests — Palearctic Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests v • d • e Appenine deciduous montane forests Italy Atlantic mixed forests Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany. Netherlands Azores temperate mixed forests Portugal Balkan mixed forests Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia (Kosovo), Turkey Baltic mixed forests Denmark, Germany, Poland, Sweden Cantabrian mixed forests Portugal, Spain Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests Azerbaijan, Iran Caucasus mixed forests Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey Celtic broadleaf forests Ireland, United Kingdom Central Anatolian deciduous forests Turkey Central China loess plateau mixed forests China Central European mixed forests Austria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland Central Korean deciduous forests North Korea, South Korea Changbai Mountains mixed forests China, North Korea Changjiang Plain evergreen forests China Crimean Submediterranean forest complex Russia, Ukraine Daba Mountains evergreen forests China Dinaric Mountains mixed forests Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia East European forest steppe Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine Eastern Anatolian deciduous forests Turkey English Lowlands beech forests United Kingdom Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests Georgia, Turkey Hokkaido deciduous forests Japan Huang He Plain mixed forests China Madeira evergreen forests Portugal Manchurian mixed forests China, North Korea, Russia, South Korea Nihonkai evergreen forests Japan Nihonkai montane deciduous forests Japan North Atlantic moist mixed forests Ireland, United Kingdom Northeast China Plain deciduous forests China Pannonian mixed forests Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine Po Basin mixed forests Italy Pyrenees conifer and mixed forests Andorra, France, Spain Qin Ling Mountains deciduous forests China Rodope montane mixed forests Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia Sarmatic mixed forests Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden Sichuan Basin evergreen broadleaf forests China South Sakhalin-Kurile mixed forests Russia Southern Korea evergreen forests South Korea Taiheiyo evergreen forests Japan Taiheiyo montane deciduous forests Japan Tarim Basin deciduous forests and steppe China Ussuri broadleaf and mixed forests Russia West Siberian broadleaf and mixed forests Russia Western European broadleaf forests Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Switzerland Zagros Mountains forest steppe Iran