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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (November 2009) A phoenix abscess is a dental abscess that can occur immediately following root canal treatment. Another cause is due to untreated necrotic pulp (chronic apical periodontitis). It is also the result of inadequate debridement during the endodontic procedure. Risk of occurrence of a phoenix abscess is minimised by correct identification and instrumentation of the entire root canal, ensuring no missed anatomy. Treatment involves repeating the endodontic treatment with improved debridement, or tooth extraction. Antibiotics might be indicated to control a spreading or systemic infection. v · d · eEndodontology (ICD-9-CM V3 23.0-23.2+23.7, ICD-10-PCS 0C?W-X) Diagnostic tests Electric pulp test - Thermal test - Percussion test Dental radiography Armamentarium and material Amalgam - Apex locator - Files and reamers - Gutta-percha - Dental dam - Rotary technology - Sodium hypochlorite - Silver points - Eucalyptol - Saline - EDTA Endodontic procedures Apicoectomy - Endodontic therapy - Internal bleaching - Endodontic retreatment - Pulpotomy M: TTH anat/devp/phys noco/cong/jaws/tumr, epon, injr dent, proc (endo, orth, pros) v · d · eDentistry Recognized specialties (in the United States) Endodontics - oral and maxillofacial pathology - Oral and maxillofacial radiology - Oral and maxillofacial surgery - Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics - Pediatric dentistry - Periodontics - Prosthodontics - Dental public health Fields that are not recognized specialties (in the United States) Cosmetic dentistry - Dental Implantology - Temporomandibular joint disorder - Geriatric dentistry - Restorative dentistry - Forensic odontology - Dental traumatology Dental surgery Dental extraction - Tooth filling - Root canal therapy - Root end surgery - Scaling and root planing - Teeth cleaning -Dental bonding - Tooth polishing - Tooth bleaching - Dental implant See also Index of oral health and dental articles - Outline of dentistry and oral health - Oral hygiene - Dental instruments - Restorative materials - Infant oral mutilation M: TTH anat/devp/phys noco/cong/jaws/tumr, epon, injr dent, proc (endo, orth, pros) v · d · eAcquired tooth disease (K02–K05, 521–525) Hard tissues Caries (tooth decay) · Attrition · Abrasion · Erosion · Hypercementosis · tooth resorption (External resorption, Internal resorption, Root resorption) Pulp/periapical (Endodontal) Pulpal External resorption · Internal resorption · Irreversible pulpitis · Reversible pulpitis · Necrotic pulp · Pink tooth of Mummery Periapical Acute apical periodontitis · Chronic apical periodontitis · Combined periodontic-endodontic lesions · Fistula · Periapical abscess · Phoenix abscess · Vertical root fracture Ungrouped Pulpitis · Radicular cyst · Periapical abscess Gingiva/periodontal (Periodontal) Gingivitis · Periodontitis (Chronic periodontitis) · Periodontal disease Bone cyst Dentigerous cyst · Calcifying odontogenic cyst · Glandular odontogenic cyst Other Toothache · Cracked tooth syndrome To be grouped from periodontology Diagnoses Chronic periodontitis · Localized aggressive periodontitis · Generalized aggressive periodontitis · Periodontitis as a manifestation of systemic disease · Necrotizing periodontal diseases · Abscesses of the periodontium · Combined periodontic-endodontic lesions Pathogenesis A. actinomycetemcomitans · Capnocytophaga sp. · F. nucleatum · P. gingivalis · P. intermedia · T. forsythia · T. denticola Pathologic entities Calculus · Edentulism · Fremitus · Furcation defect · Gingival enlargement · Gingival pocket · Gingivitis · Horizontal bony defect · Linear gingival erythema · Occlusal trauma · Periodontal pocket · Periodontal disease · Periodontitis · Plaque · Recession · Vertical bony defect M: TTH anat/devp/phys noco/cong/jaws/tumr, epon, injr dent, proc (endo, orth, pros)