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Milivoj Solar Milivoj Solar (born April 8, 1936) is a Croatian literary theoretician, literary historian, essayist and a university professor. Biography Solar was born on April 8, 1936 in Koprivnica. At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb he received a degree in philosophy and Yugoslav Studies in 1959. At the same faculty he received his Ph.D. in 1964 with the thesis on Fran Galović. Since 1963 he worked as an assistant, soon after as a docent, as an associate, and finally since 1976 as a full professor of theory and methodology of the study of literature at the Department for Comparative Literature. In the period of 1987-1990 he served as a Yugoslav minister of education and culture. Work Solar's scientific work is focused on the fundamental questions of the literary theory, especially on the issues of poetics and the relationship of literary theory and philosophy. He also published works on the methodology of literary science, literary analysis and the universal culturological categories, such as myth. He published the following books: Pitanja poetike (Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1971) Ideja i priča (Liber, Zagreb, 1974; 2nd enlarged ed. Znanje, Zagreb, 1980) Književna kritika i filozofija književnosti (Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1976) Teorija književnosti (Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1976; 20th ed. 2005) Uvod u filozofiju književnosti (Studentski centar Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, 1978) Smrt Sancha Panze (Nakladni zavod Matice hrvatske, Zagreb, 1981) Suvremena svjetska književnost (Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1982; 1990, 3rd revised and enlarged ed. 1997) Mit o avangardi i mit o dekadenciji (Nolit, Beograd, 1985) Eseji o fragmentima (Prosveta, Beograd, 1985) Filozofija književnosti (Liber, Zagreb, 1985) Roman i mit (August Cesarec, Zagreb, 1988) Teorija proze (Liber, Zagreb, 1989) Laka i teška književnost (Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 1995; 2nd ed. 2005) Vježbe tumačenja (Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 1997; 2nd ed. 2005) Edipova braća i sinovi (Naprijed, Zagreb, 1998) Granice znanosti o književnosti (Naklada Pavičić, Zagreb, 2000) Povijest svjetske književnosti (Golden marketing, Zagreb, 2003) Predavanja o lošem ukusu, (Politička kultura, Zagreb, 2004) Ideja i priča (Collected works, 1st book, Golden marketing-Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 2004) Uvod u filozofiju književnosti (Collected works, 2nd book, Golden marketing-Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 2004) Retorika postmoderne (Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 2005) Rječnik književnoga nazivlja (Golden marketing-Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 2006) Književni leksikon (Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 2007) He's a regular member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2008, member of the Croatian Writers' Association and the Croatian Philosophic Society. He's a winner of the Zagreb City Award in 1972, Award "Božidar Adžija" in 1975, Vladimir Nazor Award in 1977 and HAZU award in 2004 for the book Povijest svjetske književnosti ('History of world literature'). References Solar's biography at the Matica hrvatska's website Persondata Name Solar, Milivoj Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death