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La Unión, Lempira La Unión, Lempira Coordinates: 14°49′N 88°24′W / 14.817°N 88.4°W / 14.817; -88.4Coordinates: 14°49′N 88°24′W / 14.817°N 88.4°W / 14.817; -88.4 Country  Honduras Departament Lempira La Unión is a municipality in the Honduran department of Lempira. It is one of the smallest municipalities of the Lempira department. To get there is an enormous challenge. The first way to get there is go through 75 km from Gracias city on the common road for La Iguala and San Rafael, about 3 km before arriving at San Rafael is a left turn off and from here there is 13 km left to go. The other way is via Santa Bárbara-El Nispero-San Jerónimo-San Rafael-La Unión, the first 3 places are in Santa Bárbara department. Contents 1 History 2 Geography 3 Boundaries 4 Resources 5 Population 6 Tourism 7 External links // History Formerly it was a village called "Pueblo Nuevo", jurisdiction of "El Conal" (currently San Rafael). The municipality was created on May 3rd 1916. Geography La Unión is located in a tableland like surface, guarded by big, dense and green mountains. Despite the apparent elevation from sea level, sub tropical forests are seen and the weather is quite warm. The Colonial Church Boundaries Its boundaries are: North : Santa Bárbara department. South : San Rafael and La Iguala municipalities. East  : Santa Bárbara department. West  : La Iguala municipality. Surface Extents: 84 km² Resources This is a very prosperous town, due to coffee in both ways of plantations and gathering. The plantations are located in "Fincas" on the surrounding high mountains and the gathering in the town. Crops of Corn and Beans are indispensable. The cattle and milk products are for local consumption. There is Abundant Life Christian School a bilingual school in La Unión, as well as public elementaries. Obviously there is electrity and mobile communications services. There are several small grocery stores called es:Pulpería. The transportation services assign more buses to Santa Bárbara than to Gracias. Population The majority of people is a cross-breed of native Indians and Spanish settlers, but a significant amount of white people are seen. Population: In 2001 La Unión had 9,800 people. According to estimates; for 2008 it's expected to have 12,759. Villages: 6 Settlements: 43 A Coffee processing plant. Tourism La Unión is certainly an amazing place to visit, it is worth all the effort to get there because the mountains around it are imposing, dense and green. It has some streets paved with rocks and a viewer, from where the visitor can enjoy a nice landscape of the whole town. There are several places with internet access. Local Holidays: "Divina Pastora" day; March 4th. External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: La Unión v • d • e Lempira Department Capital: Gracias Municipalities  · Belén  · Candelaria  · Cololaca  · Erandique · Gracias  · Gualcince  · Guarita  · La Campa  · La Iguala  · Las Flores  · La Unión  · La Virtud  · Lepaera  · Mapulaca  · Piraera  · San Andrés  · San Francisco  · San Manuel Colohete · San Marcos de Caiquín  · San Rafael  · San Sebastián  · Santa Cruz  · Talgua  · Tambla  · Tomalá  · Valladolid  · Virginia