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Jaripeo is a form of bull riding practiced in Mexico that developed in the 16th century. Originally it was a form of bull fighting where the rider rode the bull to death, but evolved into a form where the rider simply rode the animal until it stopped bucking.[1][2] Today there is a modern form in the charreada called Jineteo de Toro. It also requires the rider to stay on the bull as long as possible, preferably until the bull tires and stops bucking. This differs from the sport of bull riding seen in the United States, Canada and other nations, where riders are scored on the quality of their ride for a limited time period, usually eight seconds. References ^ LeCompte, Mary Lou. (1985) The Hispanic influence on RodeoPDF (109 KB) . Journal of Sport History. volume 12. Issue 1. ^ Nº 24 /2 · 2008 · Artículo 48