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Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling   Author Ricky Gervais Illustrator Rob Steen Cover artist Rob Steen Country England Language English Series Flanimals series Subject(s) Creatures Genre(s) Humour Publisher Faber and Faber Publication date 2007 Media type Hardback ISBN 0571238513 OCLC Number 166315039 Preceded by Flanimals of the Deep Followed by Flanimals: Pop Up Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling (ISBN 0571238513) is the fourth book in the Flanimals series from British Comedian Ricky Gervais and Illustrator Rob Steen. The book was published on 4 October 2007 and focuses on the Flanimals teaming up against an enormous swarm of Bletchling, a species that seeks to wipe out all other Flanimal life. The hardcover version of the book comes with a poster featuring a Clunge Ambler and a Molf, in a parody of the movie Jaws. List of Flanimals Bletchling – a 'super-Blug', an insectoid with a brain evil on a molecular level. Zub – a fatter, fuzzy Vap. Vap – similar to a wasp. Hord Shuffler – a blind blug that scuttles around. Monk Worm – larval stage of Frag Drier. Frag Drier – a hyperactive Flanimal similar to a dragonfly. Mov – a moth-like creature will cling onto your arm. Bant – social Blugs who are constantly busy. Klunt – a Flanimal with sharp teeth. Pseudo Klunt – mimics the Klunt, but has no teeth. Hapless Prey – draws attention to itself by sweating. Bleak – a gigantic Flanimal with no digestive fluids. Loan Figger – a bipedal frog-like creature. See also Children's literature portal Flanimals More Flanimals Flanimals of the Deep External links Official Website Flanimals on Ricky Gervais's site Flanimals on Rob Steen's site Faber and Faber - UK publisher of all the 'Flanimals' books Category;Children's fiction books This article about a children's picture book is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e