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Suguru Murakoshi is a Japanese video game writer/director best known for his work with Team Silent in the Silent Hill franchise, a survival horror video game series[1]. Murakoshi worked in the animation department of Silent Hill 2 (2001) and is credited for "drama animation". He was also the drama director for the game's subscenario Restless Dreams, reissued that same year[2]. In 2004 he wrote and directed Silent Hill 4: The Room[3]. The game marked the disbanding of Team Silent[4]. Murakoshi has since worked in different projects. He is credited as an artist for real-time cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008)[5]. References ^ ^ ^ ^ ^,51458/ v • d • e Silent Hill Main series Silent Hill  · 2  · 3  · 4: The Room  · Origins  · Homecoming  · Shattered Memories  · 8 Other games Play Novel  · Arcade  · Orphan  · The Escape Film series Silent Hill · Revelations Other media Comics  · The Silent Hill Experience Fiction Characters  · Monsters (Pyramid Head) Team Silent Keiichiro Toyama  · Masashi Tsuboyama  · Suguru Murakoshi  · Hiroyuki Owaku  · Masahiro Ito  · Akira Yamaoka Book:Silent Hill series  · Category:Silent Hill · Portal:Video games