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Bone: Middle meatus Roof, floor, and lateral wall of left nasal cavity. (Middle meatus labeled at center right.) Latin meatus nasi medius Gray's subject #57 195 The middle meatus is a nasal opening or canal situated between the middle and inferior conchæ, and extends from the anterior to the posterior end of the latter. The lateral wall of this meatus can be satisfactorily studied only after the removal of the middle concha. On it is a curved fissure, the hiatus semilunaris, limited below by the edge of the uncinate process of the ethmoid and above by an elevation named the bulla ethmoidalis; the middle ethmoidal cells are contained within this bulla and open on or near to it. Through the hiatus semilunaris the meatus communicates with a curved passage termed the infundibulum, which communicates in front with the anterior ethmoidal cells and in rather more than fifty percent of skulls is continued upward as the frontonasal duct into the frontal air-sinus; when this continuity fails, the frontonasal duct opens directly into the anterior part of the meatus. Below the bulla ethmoidalis and hidden by the uncinate process of the ethmoid is the opening of the maxillary sinus (ostium maxillare); an accessory opening is frequently present above the posterior part of the inferior nasal concha. Additional images Left maxilla. Nasal surface. Left palatine bone. Nasal aspect. Enlarged. Left orbicularis oculi, seen from behind. Coronal section of nasal cavities. Sagittal section of nose mouth, pharynx, and larynx. External links SUNY Figs 33:04-10 Atlas of anatomy at UMich rsa1p6 This article was originally based on an entry from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy. As such, some of the information contained within it may be outdated. v · d · eBones of head and neck: the neurocranium of the skull (TA A02.1.01–07, GA 2.129–155) Occipital Squama external (Inion/External occipital protuberance, Nuchal lines) · planes (Occipital, Nuchal) · internal (Cruciform eminence, Internal occipital protuberance, Sagittal sulcus, Internal occipital crest) Lateral parts Condyle (Condyloid fossa, Condylar canal) · Hypoglossal canal · jugular (Jugular process, Jugular tubercle) Basilar part Pharyngeal tubercle Other Foramen magnum (Basion, Opisthion) Parietal Parietal eminence · Temporal line · Parietal foramen Frontal Squama Frontal suture · Frontal eminence · external (Superciliary arches, Glabella) · foramina (Supraorbital, Cecum) · Zygomatic process · internal (Sagittal sulcus, Frontal crest) Orbital part Ethmoidal notch · Fossa for lacrimal gland · Trochlear fovea · Frontal sinus · Frontonasal duct Temporal Squama Articular tubercle · Suprameatal triangle · Mandibular fossa · Petrotympanic fissure · Zygomatic process Mastoid part Mastoid foramen · Mastoid process (Mastoid cells) · Mastoid notch · Occipital groove · Sigmoid sulcus · Mastoid antrum (Aditus) Petrous part Carotid canal · Facial canal (Hiatus) · Internal auditory meatus · Cochlear aqueduct · Stylomastoid foramen fossae (Subarcuate fossa, Jugular fossa) · canaliculi (Inferior tympanic, Mastoid) · Styloid process · Petrosquamous suture (note: ossicles in petrous part, but not part of temporal bone) Tympanic part Suprameatal spine Sphenoid Surfaces Superior surface: Sella turcica (Dorsum sellae, Tuberculum sellae, Hypophysial fossa, Posterior clinoid processes) · Ethmoidal spine · Chiasmatic groove · Middle clinoid process · Petrosal process · Clivus Lateral surface: Carotid groove · Sphenoidal lingula Anterior surface: Sphenoidal sinuses Great wings foramina (Rotundum, Ovale, Vesalii, Spinosum) · Spine · Infratemporal crest · Sulcus for auditory tube Small wings Superior orbital fissure · Anterior clinoid process · Optic canal Pterygoid processes fossae (Pterygoid, Scaphoid) · pterygoid plates (Lateral, Medial) · Pterygoid canal · Hamulus Other Body · Sphenoidal conchae Ethmoid Plates Cribriform plate (Crista galli, Olfactory foramina) · Perpendicular plate Surfaces Lateral surface Orbital lamina · Uncinate process Medial surface Superior nasal concha · Superior meatus · Middle nasal concha · Middle meatus Labyrinth Ethmoid sinus · ethmoidal foramina (Posterior, Anterior) M: BON/CAR anat(c/f/k/f, u, t/p, l)/phys/devp/cell noco/cong/tumr, sysi/epon, injr proc, drug(M5) v · d · eHead and neck, upper RT: Nose (TA A06.1, TH H3.05.01, GA 10.992) External nose Ala of nose nasal cartilages (of the septum, Greater alar, Lesser alar, Lateral nasal, Accessory nasal, Vomeronasal) Nasal cavity Openings Nasal vestibule · Nostril · Posterior nasal apertures Lateral wall Nasal concha/meati: Superior nasal concha · Middle nasal concha · Inferior nasal concha · Superior nasal meatus · Middle nasal meatus · Inferior nasal meatus Sphenoethmoidal recess · Ethmoid bulla · Agger nasi · Ethmoidal infundibulum · Semilunar hiatus · Maxillary hiatus Medial wall Nasal septum · Vomeronasal organ Mucous membrane Olfactory mucosa Paranasal sinuses Maxillary sinus · Sphenoidal sinuses · Frontal sinus · Ethmoid sinus Naso-pharynx Pharyngeal opening of auditory tube (Salpingopharyngeal fold, Salpingopalatine fold, Torus tubarius) · Pharyngeal tonsil · Pharyngeal recess M: RES anat(n, x, l, c)/phys/devp noco(c, p)/cong/tumr, sysi/epon, injr proc, drug(R1/2/3/5/6/7) This musculoskeletal system article is a stub. 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