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Evolver Studio album by 311 Released July 22, 2003 Recorded January - April 2003 at The Hive in North Hollywood, California Genre Alternative rock Length 40:17 Label Volcano Entertainment Producer 311 Professional reviews The reviews parameter has been deprecated. Please move reviews into the Reception section of the article. See Moving reviews into article space. Allmusic link Rolling Stone link 311 chronology From Chaos (2001) Evolver (2003) Greatest Hits '93–'03 (2004) Singles from Evolver "Creatures (For A While)" Released: July 15th, 2003 "Beyond The Gray Sky" Released: 2003 Evolver is an album by 311, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music). Evolver is 311's seventh studio album[1] and the second recorded in 311's recording studio The Hive in Burbank, California. Despite the success of the single "Creatures (For a While)" (which reached #3 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart) and positive reaction from their fanbase, Evolver became the first 311 album to not receive an RIAA certification. "Evolver" is an "Enhanced CD" containing a featurette on the making of the album cover. Contents 1 Track listing 1.1 Outtakes 1.2 Demos 2 Miscellaneous 3 Song personnels 4 Production 5 Charts 6 References Track listing "Creatures (For a While)" (Music: Hexum/Mahoney; Lyrics: Hexum/Martinez) - 4:27 "Reconsider Everything" (Hexum; Hexum/Martinez) - 2:50 "Crack the Code" (Hexum; Hexum/Martinez) - 3:55 "Same Mistake Twice" (Hexum) - 3:22 "Beyond the Gray Sky" (Mahoney; Hexum/Martinez) - 4:18 "Seems Uncertain" (Hexum) - 3:36 "Still Dreaming" (Sexton; Hexum/Martinez) - 3:41 "Give Me a Call" (Hexum/Sexton; Hexum/Martinez) - 3:21 "Don't Dwell" (Hexum/Wills; Hexum) - 2:40 "Other Side of Things" (Sexton; Hexum/Martinez) - 3:08 "Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm" (Hexum) - 6:37 (around 4:58 without Coda) "Coda" (Wills/Hexum) - 1:14 Outtakes "Time Is Precious" (Hexum) - 3:07 (Available via 311' website) [1] "What Do You Do?" (??; Hexum/Martinez) - 2:42 (Evolver Japan Import) Demos "Jerrybird" - Early demo for Beyond the Gray Sky Miscellaneous Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided. Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (January 2009) "Beyond the Gray Sky" is about the suicide of Nick Hexum's close high school friend David Barker. A hidden track can be heard at 5:22 on Track 11 of P-Nut and Nick Hexum jamming together. P-Nut is playing high up on the neck of a bass guitar, Hexum is playing a vibraphone and a double bass harmonica. "Time Is Precious" is a b-side from Evolver, that can be downloaded at 311's official website. "What Do You Do?" is a b-side from Evolver, it is not yet posted on the band's website and is extremely rare. Although it is included as a (Bonus Track) on the Japanese Import version of Evolver. The voice saying "Watch it now!" on "Creatures (For a While)" is reggae musician Black Chiney. The music from "Creatures (For a While)" has been used on the Howard Stern Show, NFL Today (CBS), and a video titled "What is Nitro Circus?" on Youtube. "Creatures (For a While)" appeared in the EA Sports video game NASCAR Thunder 2004 "Creatures (For a While)" has been covered by Nationally-Acclaimed college marching band The Ohio University Marching 110 in 2003 and again in 2007. Song personnels Creatures (For A While) Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Tim Mahoney - Guitar SA Martinez - Vocals, Turntables Reconsider Everything Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar SA Martinez - Vocals, Turntables Crack The Code Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar SA Martinez - Vocals, Turntables Same Mistake Twice Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Beyond the Gray Sky Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Tim Mahoney - Guitar SA Martinez - Vocals, Turntables Seems Uncertain Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Still Dreaming Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar SA Martinez - Vocals, Turntables Chad Sexton - Percussion, Drums Give Me a Call Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar SA Martinez - Turntables, Vocals Chad Sexton - Drums, Percussion Don't Dwell Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Aaron Wills - Bass Guitar, Violin, Percussion Other Side of Things Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar SA Martinez - Vocals, Turntables Chad Sexton - Drums Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Coda (Hidden Track) Nick Hexum - Vocals, Guitar Aaron Wills - Bass, Violin, Percussion Production Producer: Ron Saint Germain Engineer: Zack Barnhorst Digital editing: Zack Barnhorst Mastering: Joe Gastwirt Studio technician: Matt Hunter, Daniel Wates Art direction: Ron Ulieny Directors: Joe Lynch, Steven Oritt Concept: Ron Ulieny Design: Dan Levin Layout design: Dan Levin Photo coordination: Amber Vantris Photography: Ron Ulieny Photo assistance: Jeaneen Lund Artwork: Mike Allen, Christy Greenwood, Louie Hozwell, Marguerite Olivelle, Chris Waltes Lighting: Todd Hickey Charts Album Year Chart Position 2003 The Billboard 200 7 Singles Year Single Chart Position 2003 "Beyond the Gray Sky" Modern Rock Tracks 39 2003 "Creatures (For a While)" Modern Rock Tracks 3 References ^ Though technically referred to as 311's seventh album, two albums, Dammit! and Unity, were released in 1990 and 1991 respectively, therefore making Evolver the band's ninth studio album. v · d · e311 Nick Hexum · SA Martinez · Tim Mahoney · P-Nut · Chad Sexton Studio albums Music · Grassroots · 311 · Transistor · Soundsystem · From Chaos · Evolver · Don't Tread on Me · Uplifter · Universal Pulse Other albums Downstairs · Dammit! · Unity · Hydroponic · Omaha Sessions · Live! · Greatest Hits '93-'03 Singles "Freak Out" · "Do You Right" · "Visit" · "My Stoney Baby" · "Feels So Good" · "Homebrew" · "Lucky" · "8:16 A.M."/"Omaha Stylee" · "Jackolantern's Weather"/"Guns" · "Don't Stay Home" · "Down" · "All Mixed Up" · "Transistor" · "Prisoner" · "Beautiful Disaster" · "Come Original" · "Flowing" · "Large in the Margin" · "You Wouldn't Believe" · "I'll Be Here Awhile" · "Amber" · "Creatures (For a While)" · "Beyond the Gray Sky" · "Love Song" · "First Straw" · "Don't Tread on Me" · "Speak Easy" · "Frolic Room" · "Hey You" · "It's Alright" · "Sunset in July" Video albums Enlarged to Show Detail · Enlarged to Show Detail 2 · 311 Day: Live in New Orleans Related articles Discography · List of 311 songs · The Hive