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The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Please improve this article and discuss the issue on the talk page. (July 2010) Terrorism Definitions · Counter-terrorism International conventions Anti-terrorism legislation Terrorism insurance Types Anarchist · Nationalist Communist · Conservative Left-wing · Right-wing (Saffron terror) Resistance movements Religious (Christian · Islamic · Jewish) Single-issue terrorism (Eco-terrorism · anti-abortion) Ethnic  · Narcoterrorism Tactics Agro-terrorism · Aircraft hijacking (list) Bioterrorism · Car bombing (list) Dirty bomb · Dry run · Cyber terrorism Environmental · Hostage-taking Improvised explosive device individual terror · Insurgency · Kidnapping Letter bomb · Nuclear Paper terrorism · Piracy Propaganda of the deed Proxy bomb · School shooting Suicide attack (list) Terrorist groups List of designated terrorist organizations State terrorism State sponsorship · State terrorism Iran · North Korea · Pakistan Russia · Sri Lanka · United States Organizations Terrorist financing Terrorist front organization Terrorist training camp Lone wolf fighter Clandestine cell system History of terrorism Definitions of terrorism Associations Charities accused of ties to terrorism Terrorist incidents v · d · e During the "war on terror" the names of charities accused of ties to terrorism have been published. Some detainees have been captured largely because they volunteered or worked for these charities. On August 23, 2007 the Bush Presidency announced plans to implement enhanced security checking of the employees of American charities, which receive funds from U.S. Agency for International Development, looking for those who might have ties to terrorism.[1] Charities which are turned down will not be offered an explanation, or an avenue to appeal the decisions. Charities accused of ties to terrorism Name Headquarters Accusers Alleged Ties Afghan Support Committee[2][3] Pakistan U.S. State Department Alleged to have funneled support to fighters in Afghanistan. Al-Haramain Foundation[4] Saudi Arabia U.S. State Department Suspicion fell on Guantanamo detainee Jamal Muhammad Alawi Mar'i, in part, because he was a volunteer for Al Haramain Al Kifah Refugee Center[3] United States Spanish police Alleged to have served as a covert funnel for US support of those resisting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.[5] Alleged to have trained fighters destined to serve in Afghanistan under Osama bin Laden.[5] Alleged to have provided military and demolition training to those who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993.[5] Al Wafa[4] Afghanistan U.S. State Department Suspicion fell on Guantanamo detainee Jamal Muhammad Alawi Mar'i, in part, because he was a volunteer for Al Wafa Benevolence International Foundation[6] United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Alleged to have helped fund the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Placed on the Terrorist exclusion list.[2] Bosanska Idealna Futura[6] Bosnia Federal Bureau of Investigation Branch of the Chicago USA based Benevolence International Foundation. Shut down on US request in 2002 Jack Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation[7][dubious – discuss][8][9] United States Juan Cole Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy Allegedly provided sniper equipment and training for Israeli settlers in Beitar Illit [8] Global Relief Foundation[6] United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Bosnian offices shut down on US request in 2002 Commission of the European Union froze assets in 2006[10] Health and Education Project International[11] Canada Canadian Security Intelligence Service founded by Ahmed Khadr after Human Concern International cut its ties to him Holy Land Foundation[12][13] United States United States On November 10, 2004, convicted by US federal court of funding Hamas, and liable for damages in teen's death. Human Appeal International[14] United Kingdom U.S. State Department employed Guantanamo detainee Boudella el Hajj Human Concern International[15] Canada U.S. military employed Ahmed Khadr until 1995 as their volunteer director in Afghanistan International Islamic Relief Organization[3] Saudi Arabia U.S. State Department being sued by families of the victims of the September 11 attacks Interpal[16] United Kingdom Sunday Telegraph United States Treasury Department Board of Deputies of British Jews Sunday Express 1997 retraction from Sunday Telegraph of 1996 accusations of Interpal being run by Hamas activists, and funding bombers. Accusation repeated by US Treasury and Board of Deputies of British Jews on web sites in 2003. 2005 apology and out-of-court settlement for libel by Board of Deputies of British Jews. Cleared by Charity Commission for England and Wales; U.S. did not supply evidence to support accusations. 2010 apology and out-of-court settlement for libel by Sunday Express. Internationale Humanitaere Hilfsorganisation[17][18] Germany German Interior Ministry Outlawed in Germany since it has financially supported Hamas, while presenting activities to donors as humanitarian help.[18] Jamaat al Dawa al Quran[19] Afghanistan JTF-GTMO American counter-terrorism analysts at Guantanamo assert this group is an extremist militant group. Jamat al Tabligh[20] Pakistan U.S. State Department "The Jamat al Tabligh, a Pakistani-based Islamic Missionary organization, is being used as a cover to mask travel and activities of terrorists including members of al-Qaeda" Maktab-ul-Khedamat[21] Afghanistan U.S. 9-11 commission Alleged to have been transformed by Osama bin Laden into Al Qaeda.[5] Muslim Aid[3] United Kingdom U.S. State Department Alleged to have funded mujahideen fighters to Bosnia. Revival of Islamic Heritage Society[22] Kuwait U.S. State Department Appears on the Terrorism Exclusion List Sanabal Charitable Committee[22] United Kingdom U.S. State Department UK Police "The Sanabal Charitable Committee is considered a fund raising front for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group."[22] Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation(TRO)[23] Canada FBI Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam See also Terrorist financing Funding Evil Alms for Jihad References ^ Walter Pincus (August 23, 2007). "Foreign Aid Groups Face Terror Screens". Washington Post. 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"Interpal wins High Court case against Sunday Express claims of terror links". Civil Society Media. Retrieved 19 August 2010.  ^ Germany outlaws IHH over claimed Hamas links, Haaretz 12.07.10 [1] ^ a b Germany bans group accused of Hamas links, Ynet 07.12.10, [2] ^ Summarized transcripts (.pdf), from Sahib Rohullah Wakil's Combatant Status Review Tribunal - pages 16-25 ^ Combatant Status Review Board Letters, final release (.pdf), Department of Defense Freedom of Information Office -- see page 4 of the .pdf ^ National Commission on Terrorist Attack Upon the United States: appendix a common abbreviations, 911 Commission ^ a b c Summary of Evidence (.pdf) from pages 25-26 of Mohammed Fenaitel Mohamed Al Daihani's Combatant Status Review Tribunal ^ 'Charities' back terror, Ottawa Sun