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Madrazo is a Spanish surname: Carlos Madrazo, Mexican politician Roberto Madrazo, Mexican politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), son of Carlos Madrazo José de Madrazo y Agudo, Spanish painter Federico de Madrazo, Spanish painter, son of Madrazo y Agudo Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta, Spanish realist painter, son of Federico de Madrazo Pablo Sierra Madrazo, Spanish footballer Sergio Canales Madrazo, Spanish footballer Meaning "Madrazo" comes from the Pas valley in Cantabria and Espinosa de los Monteros in Burgos, northern Spain.[1] The origin of the name is unknown but in Spanish and Portuguese it is understood to refer the process by which the second wife of widower man takes care of the children of the deceased first wife.[citation needed] People with Madrazo surname Beside Spain, people with Madrazo surnames reside in Mexico, Brazil, Venzuela, Argentina, San Salvador and the Philippines. Yahoo's facebook list over 500 people with Madrazo surnames living in these countries. The early spread of the surname followed the expansion of Spanish colonization. Most of the people with Madrazo surnames in the Philippines have mixed Chinese and Malay blood stocks unlike most of the other Madrazos living in South America. Among the Madrazos in the Philippines was a Carlos Mortola Madrazo, a chemist and chemical engineer, who was once the Vice President for Surgar Processing of the Philippines Sugar Technologists Society, Inc. A Madrazo from the Philippines that immigrated to the United States is Gerardo Madrazo,Jr. PhD who retired aa a Clinical Professor in English and Math Lab from the University of North Carolina. Much earlier, the parents of Joel Madrazo in Bothel, Washington came to Hawaii from the Philippines. Also several people with Madrazo surnames in the Philippines are educators, clergies, businesspersons, technologists and skilled workers. Some of them have already branched themselves or immigrated to the United States, Australia and Iceland. References ^ Heráldica de Cantabria (Spanish)